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IMO size up 1.   Also, best not to 'try on' new clothing which may need to be returned when your all sweaty and painting the house.   At least don't tell us that. 
^ DVN.. so nice.
I can only dream to one day pull shit off that awesome.   Well done kgfan. 
+1 Great looking SNS in that colour.
  The reason I get defensive is because you already get a ripper deal with VAT reduction, then the item is reduced as sale stock, there are vouchers running around and then you have the balls to wonder why you don't get a further discount when they're simply trying to remove the very last of their seasonal stock.   
I think its pretty ridiculous to expect a partial refund from online stores. I don't think anyone is obligated to provide partial refunds really. You wouldn't expect it from B&M either. They (stores) tend to only do additional high level drops when odd sizes are available. Why should they discount an item which is in a popular size that sells easily for more.
  Not sure any are still available?   I looked on there a few weeks ago to get one but there's no 'buy' / 'add to cart' button.   Want! http://carsonstreetclothiers.com/accessories/bags-luggage/soft-work.html
I added some pictures to my spoiler post to try and give some context to each fit.   Appreciate that i'm not doing what those pictures portray, but it's what I see i'm aiming for with each of those 4 fits.
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