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 Yes, its the same as the one I listed under 42 which didnt fit. But trying them both on, the high fit fine in 41 and the low, did NOT fit in 42. 
Who - that etudes shirt is so awesome! Stitches - love that suit mate A little more casual today. Beginning to get warm already this year.
Not as simple as that. The 42 in chukka and padded Achilles both had 1cm+ in the toe. Going for a 43 will only add to that and they remain narrow. Ultimately it just means the padded models don't fit.
Tried on a bunch of new season CP's on the weekend.   I am literally all over the place on sizing.    41 http://www.endclothing.com/brands/common-projects/common-projects-vintage-high.html http://www.endclothing.com/brands/common-projects/common-projects-tournament-low-88819.html   42 - Still too tight though! Mostly in the vamp/front of the foot. Wouldn't want to go to a...
Etudes FTW !
Nice!   Wings + Horns from B&S. Really wanted this style over the other with the big flappy pockets.    
Big feet. 
What size feet do you have Cole?
I honestly don't know any better when it comes to belts (and a lot of things I suppose), but reading that Caveat, it kinda made sense. Now I still think it was a fine choice, and I really like the belt, but I can see it being more appropriate as you describe though. What throws off what you said Caveat is the 'awful' comment, however your explanation was much more logical and understandable.
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