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 lol fair enough.. I've seen the MMM grey jeans talked about online but they appeared to be more of a straight cut where I was hoping for slim. 
So I want to get some lighter coloured denim and am considering these two. And I want both a grey pair and light wash, but are there better suggestions out there? TBS is my preferred vendor as I have a code + VAT reduction to benefit from.
Yes that should be right, unless you have wide feet or a high vamp.   In which case you may not need to size down on padded models.   This is the case for me. 
Thanks mate. I need to shorten the sleeves an inch, but the jacket fit is perfect in person.   I tried on the 46, 48 and 50 and went with the 48 as the 46 was much too tight across the chest.   It was nice to buy something in person for a change and try it on in multiple sizes. :)   The zip is off center on this jacket and it's like a double breasted blazer, so it is 'billowy' when open.
  Filippa K Kitsune Lanvin MMM
 Yes, its the same as the one I listed under 42 which didnt fit. But trying them both on, the high fit fine in 41 and the low, did NOT fit in 42. 
Who - that etudes shirt is so awesome! Stitches - love that suit mate A little more casual today. Beginning to get warm already this year.
Not as simple as that. The 42 in chukka and padded Achilles both had 1cm+ in the toe. Going for a 43 will only add to that and they remain narrow. Ultimately it just means the padded models don't fit.
Tried on a bunch of new season CP's on the weekend.   I am literally all over the place on sizing.    41   42 - Still too tight though! Mostly in the vamp/front of the foot. Wouldn't want to go to a...
Etudes FTW !
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