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Big feet. 
What size feet do you have Cole?
I honestly don't know any better when it comes to belts (and a lot of things I suppose), but reading that Caveat, it kinda made sense. Now I still think it was a fine choice, and I really like the belt, but I can see it being more appropriate as you describe though. What throws off what you said Caveat is the 'awful' comment, however your explanation was much more logical and understandable.
lol wtf is wrong with the belt? It's just a braided suede belt from Anderson's. What would you suggest in its place in that fit?
Come on Alex! I also matched the iPhone case mate
Jeans are low rise which probably make the jacket seem shorter than it is.    Agreed on the lapels. Would be much nicer if they were rolled and not ironed, hammered and glued flat. :)
Probably more appropriate in here than in SW&D. Keen to hear what you guys think.  
It's funny, I bought an unstructured W&H blazer in grey to make up for the fact that I could not wear this one casually.   It just didn't occur to me this morning to tuck. The W&H should be more suitable for un-tucked fits. 
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