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That quilted jackets is one of the only pieces which I really did not like the look of.   As for the Blazer Coat, it says on the Totokaelo site that he's wearing the Large.   However does that mean he's wearing a 40 or 42? I've got the 40 and the model is taller than me (i'm 5'8).
I just don't like the look of that thinner profile sole.    The dark burgundy / oxblood of the outgoing model was very nice. 
So nice. Much prefer this to the cream colour sleeve. How does a size IV fit? Like a 48?
Yeah I got 2 in my last 2 recent sale orders. Though I've misplaced them
Blazer coat arrived today and I must say that I am really impressed. From what I can recall, the solid Navy feels thicker compared to the patterned navy. This is a good thing however as I will ultimately be wearing the blazer as a coat during FW. Fit of the 40 is infinitely better than the 42, even if it does now feel a little tight in the shoulders. Sleeves are also a tad long but that's a very simple fix - about half an inch or so will do it.
Thumbing like a madman these past few pages. Ervell Industrie Ervell Grenson
Well if your feet aren't wide and you don't have a high vamp, downsizing should be fine.
Potentially yes.
You just need to have a ridiculous number of shoes like I do so that it takes 25 years for the heels to even begin to wear down
Comfort and durability are 2 different things.Personally I rate them as follows;ComfortLanvinMMMCPButteroDurabilityButteroCPLanvin/MMMI've babied my Lanvin and GATs a little though so not sure how well they would cop a beating.Buttero are not quite as comfortable as CPs but I do think they're more durable (harder wearing) and better looking (due to their rugged nature).Big fan of both though. Each has their place.
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