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I didn't even know they went to 50%. 
Very cool guys indeed.    Love the idea of those painted GAT's with a light wash denim (which I don't have either). 
My first denim jacket. Geller.
Hadn't seen the Aviator on Need Supply. Wish the Ervell site gave more details on sizing/model. Measurements are one thing, but recognizing sizing on the model against other items you have bought/sized against them helps a lot. Looking at Need Supply, the model is 6'2 and wears the M. It does look a little cropped on him, which means for me at 5'7/5'8 should be great. However the sleeves look bang on and I image might still, even in M, bunch up a little on me,
Not that I expected to win, at all, but damn, not included in the poll? Damn international timezones! My vote. GDL all the way!
This!I'm confused about how you got a 'good faith' code. I've had custom codes from times when I returned an item and I was spewing that I couldn't stack coded.However in a situation like this where they have reduced the price on checkout, which is not common, I'm still not sure it will allow you to enter a code - good faith or not.Try and enter it, while the auto discount is applied at checkout, and take a screenshot.If you pull it off, and don't buy half the store, your...
Great. How's the jacket fit? Not familiar with Geller. I'm generally a 48 in most things but tend to buy 50 due to my shoulders.
Any chance your in Sydney?
x-post from the monochrome challenge.   Fillipa K Kitsune Industrie MMM  
Navy would have been very simple for me to attempt, so I tried something different.   Extra points for matching dog?        Fillipa K Kitsune Industrie MMM
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