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I'll have to take some. Under indoor light you don't see the brightness of the blue and it gives the impression that it is simply Navy with a pattern.    In natural light however it is different and looks much brighter. While the pattern is interesting, I believe the solid Navy will be better for me.
Blazer coat arrived today! However, as beautiful as it is, they sent me the wrong one unfortunately. I ordered the Navy Wool Coating but have received the Patterned Navy Wool, so I may have to return it, which is a real pain.   Having tried it on now, in 42, it feels more like a coat than a blazer. I'll try it on again before sending back, but I could have easily gone with the 40 for a more snug fit. So I may opt to also size down on the exchange. I'm wearing a button...
Weird. I've never known velcro to stop working.
Size 48 4 months old Worn 2-3 times $175
http://blog.maasandstacks.com/?p=398   Melton Wool/Nylon Size L 8 months old Worn 4-5 times $225
Geller jacket just arrived. Love the wool details on this.   Sleeves a bit long, though nothing that can't be fixed.  
Finally found this on sale and in my size (48). Popped up as re-stock on End (with an additional discount!).   Not to find the trousers..    Our Legacy  
I only just realized having seen the above link to The Corner, that the Unstructured Blazers are quite dark.    The Emerald looks different on the Ervell store. I really like the look of both the Dark Emerald and Charcoal.    Assuming I am a 42 in these also just like the Blazer Coat I just bought (which has not yet arrived).    I expect that the Blazer Coat should arrive tomorrow so once I can confirm the fit there, I might jump on these blazers.   Anyone had any...
I blame Teger.  [[SPOILER]]  Barena Slanega 
I played it safe with the solid Navy.    I'd love to see the Patterned Navy in person - I just thought it looked so different from store to store. 
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