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Yeah I got 2 in my last 2 recent sale orders. Though I've misplaced them
Blazer coat arrived today and I must say that I am really impressed. From what I can recall, the solid Navy feels thicker compared to the patterned navy. This is a good thing however as I will ultimately be wearing the blazer as a coat during FW. Fit of the 40 is infinitely better than the 42, even if it does now feel a little tight in the shoulders. Sleeves are also a tad long but that's a very simple fix - about half an inch or so will do it.
Thumbing like a madman these past few pages. Ervell Industrie Ervell Grenson
Well if your feet aren't wide and you don't have a high vamp, downsizing should be fine.
Potentially yes.
You just need to have a ridiculous number of shoes like I do so that it takes 25 years for the heels to even begin to wear down
Comfort and durability are 2 different things.Personally I rate them as follows;ComfortLanvinMMMCPButteroDurabilityButteroCPLanvin/MMMI've babied my Lanvin and GATs a little though so not sure how well they would cop a beating.Buttero are not quite as comfortable as CPs but I do think they're more durable (harder wearing) and better looking (due to their rugged nature).Big fan of both though. Each has their place.
No chance I'll resist those bad boys this year.
I own quite a few pairs of CP and Buttero sneakers and you really just need to buy the right size. As these shoes differ in how they're finished (lined, unlined, padded) and styled (sneaker, chukka, boot), i don't think there are many people who can simply wear a single size across the board. Personally I'm a US9 and I wear a 41 in unlined/non padded models, generally the Tournament, but a 42 in the padded models like the Achilles. One thing I notice is that my footprint...
Geller CP's in popular 42! Go!
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