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Sneakerboy bandwagon. SE CPs Kitsune in Navy And am also looking at a couple of Barena blazers also but pretty lost on sizing.
Interesting as I'm also a 42 generally.Wide feet and wear 8.5D Barrie, 42 CPs and GATs)Thanks for that.
Was looking at those MMM shoes on the e-boutique. How do they size?
Would love those braided but I'm a UK8!
Barena looks great Teger. Have been meaning to grab one myself but unsure on sizing (50 or 52). Which model did you get? Torceo?
Industrie Acne Buttero
Ok, you win. What does that mean? Issued by my office for what it's worth. All Mac at home.
Kitsune Our Legacy Acne MMM A.P.C Industrie MMM
I'm keen on the twill jeans.. wear a 32 in Acne Max Cash/Raw, 34 in Ervell?
Reminds me of the Ervell Cadet. Very nice!
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