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 I have no idea whether or not these would go with anything in my wardrobe, but damn they are very nice.
Awesome - 2 days after I placed an order lol
Geller Our Legacy Acne Grenson
You did too, my bad.   Any chance of some Moss Green Field Coat pictures? Just bought one myself yesterday.
 What size did you buy? How does it fit? Meet's expectations? I think it looks incredible. 
Heard back and the online store will fix up my order issue immediately and ensure I get the correct Blazer Coat (Navy) in a Size 40.       Regarding the Unstructured Blazers, when I compare the measurements of the Blazer Coat in 42 (L below) and Unstructured Blazer in 42, they appear to be quite similar.   In fact the Unstructured Blazer's chest and shoulders are bigger comparing 42 and 42 (L).     So by sizing down to the 40 in the Blazer Coat, based on...
Not sure if they have an online store? All good - bought now, and for cheaper than I would have bought it on the Ervell site.   Interested to see the color of the Moss in person. If any of you recall, I bought the L last season but it was too big and returned it.
PSA - those after the Moss Field Coat in M might have missed out on the Ervell site.   However Farfetch and Need Supply both have them. $362 and $392 respectively, shipped.   They got as low as $355 + shipping on the Ervell site.   Edit - Just took the last M on Farfetch. L and XL available still however.
I was thinking of that exact scenario this morning and that would not be ideal.    Might just buy the blazer again and have them refund me the original transaction.    I can't imagine they would have a problem with that.    (I may even chuck in an unstructured blazer while i'm at it - that forest green is very nice).
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