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Hexagons, fleece, patches, pouches, zippers.   That's all I noticed. 
If this was a 50 i'd instacop!
 This IMO. 
Field Coat is TTS IMO
Nice banner image from Haven showing off the new BBHi's.       CommonProjectsSS14FebBanner.jpg CommonProjectsSS14FebNP4.jpg
 To post like this after all has been said above simple confirms the troll status for me.
While i'm not condoning anyone being cruel to Hirsh, surely you cannot deny that her posting style and contributions are very odd.       --       I wish I had cold enough weather to wear a coat like that el Bert. Amazing mate.
Yes removing the lining helps, particularly for heat.However it's also a relatively heavy weighted garment.Perfect for winter as it's intended.
Yes please to both. Though I would be inclined to go with white in the BBHi
Would have been cool to grab a lighter weight Field Coat from SS.   The FW I just received is awesome but h e a v y....
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