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What size are they tagged as?
All good EMSHI I've wanted one of these for quite some time Razele, ideally in Navy (see Nordic Fit review). I just need a chukka round bag neat enough for work which can carry my iPad, Lenovo and lunch. I very nearly bought the all black from TBS a week or so back but waited too long and missed it. This will replace my Otter Green Filson 257 and the colour is quite similar on the Mismo.
errr Mismo is the make of the bag. Blog pic. Not mine. I'm in a t and jeans today lol.
Thanks for being so transparent. I know you didn't need to be but it was nice to get some insight into your situation.
I'm really confused by your appearance Hirsh. Differences in skin tone from face to hands, hair and age. You have made reference to illness a few times, but some insight into what your suffering from might be good.
Field Coat in Moss on NeedSupply for about $300.
Nice. I hadn't seen the Oxblood on many sites before but I wear a lot of Navy and I think they will pair well.
Nice pricing on Buttero at Rooney. Just snapped a couple up myself.   http://www.rooneyshop.com/collections/vendors?q=Buttero
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