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Tom Ford Ervell J.Crew Ervell CP
Not drunk : Drunk Barena Kitsune Acne CP
I just received my first Barena blazer yesterday (Slanega) and it's very nice.    I'd say it fits me perfectly however if I was any bigger, I think it'd be getting a bit too small - I bought the 50.    That said, I don't think there's a rule with Barena as some styles fit larger/smaller from what i've read.   I take a 38/M in most things with a relaxed/regular cut, however if the item is super slim i'd take a 50 and chop the sleeves.   I do think however that I...
Field Coat The M fits infinitely better then the L I bought and returned last season.
Aspesi Our Legacy Bottega Veneta Lanvin
 I have no idea whether or not these would go with anything in my wardrobe, but damn they are very nice.
Awesome - 2 days after I placed an order lol
Geller Our Legacy Acne Grenson
You did too, my bad.   Any chance of some Moss Green Field Coat pictures? Just bought one myself yesterday.
 What size did you buy? How does it fit? Meet's expectations? I think it looks incredible. 
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