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So nice. I had the blazer coat in this fabric before returning it for the Navy which I ordered, and I must say it is beautiful.   In fact, I think it would suit this jacket better than the Blazer Coat. 
  Filippa K Kitsune Lanvin Lanvin
Thanks for the info DLester! I'm hoping the padding isn't substantial and that I sized right in the M. I think the L would have been too long in the sleeves and I don't want to be modifying this jacket. Totokaelo is supposedly wearing the M and it looks to be a regular fit. He's quite a bit taller than me and not exactly skinny. I tried on a suede bomber a few months back and really fell for the look.
Very cool jacket - though I very much doubt i'd be able to pull it off.   Downloaded Camera+ to get a timer on my phone. Had some trouble with the lighting, clearly.  This height seems to get proportions more on point however. Not simple balancing the phone on the back of a lounge though.   Wings+HornsAcneKsubiGrenson And tonight...
Been sitting on this for weeks but with todays drop at totokaelo.. I couldn't check out quick enough. A.P.C x Louis W
I bought the 42 initially and it was much too big. Got a 40 and it's perfect, but a little tight in the shoulders.Large on their site is the 40 I believe. Not 100% sure. The model is wearing a large I believe and he looks about my size but taller.I'd be surprised if he's wearing a 42.
  Auto-shortening mirror.    These new Buttero tore my heels to shreds.    APC Ervell Buttero
Yup, I've been desperate for cooler days or evenings where I can wear mine as I've had a number of positive comments. 
M and L Wool Aviators on Hypebeast.   $348.60 with the code HBEXTRA20
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