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Interesting SVB. I never would have thought to boil a garment. Tumble dryer yes, but not the stove Oliver Peoples Kitsune Acne Buttero
Haven't bought a new suit in a long time as I wear them so rarely. Pairing this with a crisp white shirt and no tie for an upcoming wedding.
Roden Gray dropped and I kopped. Barena Grey Green
Awesome.Just snapped up a couple more Barena blazers which I was watching.
Yeah it seems to be pretty bad.    A lot of incredibly defective people just trolling each other. 
lol, that guy was such a complete asshole.   I'm only very new to that forum and I joined as it has quite a few Australians, but it's packed with pricks.    .. who wear nothing but Visvim
APC x Louis WKitsuneAcneMMM    [[SPOILER]]
  Received the APC x Louis W bomber today.  I've never owned a piece of clothing which retails for $2k before, but this is one serious jacket.  At ~$700 one sale, I'm really happy I bought it. I'll have to get some better fit pics, but for now..  I bought the size M and am very glad I did. The size is spot on. The jacket is quite heavy and lined. It doesn't feel particularly padded at all. 
I don't recall the arms being as slim as the 40 but there really did seem to be quite a big difference between the two overall.
 There's quite a bit of a size difference IMO from the 42 down to a 40. The shoulders in particular.  42 was absolutely massive on me, not just in the sleeves. 40 is perfect but very slim in the shoulders. 
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