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  Auto-shortening mirror.    These new Buttero tore my heels to shreds.    APC Ervell Buttero
Yup, I've been desperate for cooler days or evenings where I can wear mine as I've had a number of positive comments. 
M and L Wool Aviators on Hypebeast.   http://store.hypebeast.com/brands/patrik-ervell/navyblack-aviator-jacket   $348.60 with the code HBEXTRA20
Hexagons, fleece, patches, pouches, zippers.   That's all I noticed. 
If this was a 50 i'd instacop!
 This IMO. 
Field Coat is TTS IMO
Nice banner image from Haven showing off the new BBHi's.       CommonProjectsSS14FebBanner.jpg CommonProjectsSS14FebNP4.jpg
 To post like this after all has been said above simple confirms the troll status for me.
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