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Which one is the Navy hoodie with grey interior and ribbing?
My best mate got married yesterday and I suited up (rare for me).   [[SPOILER]]  Tom FordMJ BaleMJ BaleAndersonsLoake
Those shoes look fucking trashed. They're a full suede shoe and won't wear like a full leather.
 What is sizing like on these? I wear a 42 in CP's/GAT's but do not size down due to wider feet/high vamp. $338 is a really nice price if the size is right for me.  Yeah I grabbed some CP's during that sale. Not too bad at all.
I know my shirts have historically been too long, but isn't that just ridiculously short? I suppose they would be about the right length on me (just below belt line) as I'm 5'8.
 I noticed a few items from U-ni-ty on Totokaelo recently and they appear to make some really nice clothing.  Nice choice!
Interesting SVB. I never would have thought to boil a garment. Tumble dryer yes, but not the stove Oliver Peoples Kitsune Acne Buttero
Haven't bought a new suit in a long time as I wear them so rarely. Pairing this with a crisp white shirt and no tie for an upcoming wedding.
Roden Gray dropped and I kopped. Barena Grey Green
Awesome.Just snapped up a couple more Barena blazers which I was watching.
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