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Wet and cold today. Sat NYC Ervell CP
In all the sneakers I own, not one is a pair of white Achilles - pretty much a staple.
CP With cooler/wet weather coming it will be nice to have some non suede sneakers to chuck on.
Which one is the Navy hoodie with grey interior and ribbing?
My best mate got married yesterday and I suited up (rare for me).   [[SPOILER]]  Tom FordMJ BaleMJ BaleAndersonsLoake
Those shoes look fucking trashed. They're a full suede shoe and won't wear like a full leather.
 What is sizing like on these? I wear a 42 in CP's/GAT's but do not size down due to wider feet/high vamp. $338 is a really nice price if the size is right for me.  Yeah I grabbed some CP's during that sale. Not too bad at all.
I know my shirts have historically been too long, but isn't that just ridiculously short? I suppose they would be about the right length on me (just below belt line) as I'm 5'8.
 I noticed a few items from U-ni-ty on Totokaelo recently and they appear to make some really nice clothing.  Nice choice!
Interesting SVB. I never would have thought to boil a garment. Tumble dryer yes, but not the stove Oliver Peoples Kitsune Acne Buttero
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