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I received 2 codes but can only find one which I am planning on using this evening.    If I find the other ill offer it up too. 
Thanks for the feedback. 
The more I think about it, the jacket with sleeve mods would probably fit nicely over a pullover during winter. Over a t alone it's def too big however.
Rolling the sleeves was a bitch. Looks better than it felt. They definitely need slimming and shortening. Jacket is really 'floppy' so the extra size only makes it feel bigger than it looks/is.
A mate from the forum snapped up this TOJ T1 however it is too big for him. As the T1 has always been on my radar he sent it to me knowing that it's larger than I would normally buy, but figured I may as well give it a crack as I am a better chance of fitting it than him.   The jacket is a 52-54 and I would normally wear a 48-50 based on measurements.   It has just arrived this morning and I took a couple of pictures after trying it on. I am considering making a few...
Yoyo's CPs do look heavily worn, but he others following from the others which are also ruined are not trashed. I've had 2 pairs which tore along the sole stitch line but they were the Tournament Suede Lows. Never had any issues with the lined models, so am surprised as I believed the above pairs to be lined/stronger. That said, mine tore right through at the ball on both, and we're unlined. These are treating in other places.
 Major disappointment. I ordered the above, regular CP Achilles Mid's in white came in the mail.
 KitsuneOur LegacyErvellButteroMismo  [[SPOILER]]
Just noticed sale stock back online again.
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