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 Took 3 days but I got my Fedex confirmation yesterday.
Interstate in the wine region of South Australia for my brother in-laws wedding this weekend.Tom Ford x2BarenaA.P.C.ErvellAnd a couple of extra shots with my brother in-law the Groom, my wife and our 12 week old. [[SPOILER]]  
I'm a true 32 usually (33/34 winter weight at the moment), so the 34's I have fit fine in the waist. I initially bought 32's when I was true 32 and they were much too tight. Never getting on. Both the SS and FW standard jeans are baggy in the thighs though. Def a looser fit.
Where in Australia are you located? Interested and am in Sydney. Would prefer 48 lengths, but keen to check it out if possible.
I'm a US9 in most shoes, 42 in CP's/GAT's and wear UK7.5 in the G fitting (most Grenson). F fitting would be a UK8.
  A.P.C. Acne Ervell Buttero
Do these fit TTS or more like a 34?
Disappointing to read. I've bought from the webstore 2-3 the times now without issue.
Hmmm.. keen on the Ervell Aviator, Parka, Quilted Bomber and Field Coat - not that I need any.
Definitely the best place to buy for a good deal, but tonio hit it in the head with hype beast buys of late.
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