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Been a while... Geller Velva Acne CP
Side question, how do you find the fit between the two? I've got a field coat in M which fits perfectly, by comparison how does the parka fit?
Where the hell did you find that^^ Nice just doesn't describe it.
I think it's safe to say the pocket sweater is tts this time around.
Yeah I haven't bought the parka (yet?) but figured if I do, I'd buy a small. I wear an M in the Field Coat and L in the shirts (as they're too skinny for me). I'm just trying to decide quickly between the Parka and Navy Bonded Field Coat. Though the above info on the Parka not being quite so warm is a good thing. In Australia I have no need for something particularly heavy and warm.
Yup agree on the sleeves as I too roll mine. If I'm wearing them unrolled its generally because I have a blazer or jacket on in which case it doesn't matter. I notice they have the new made to order option where you can choose some lengths, but who is paying retail! Not me that's for sure.
Doubt it at this point. Also, most sizes are gone it seems.Lots of interesting comments in this thread which surprise me a little.I've recently bought just about every colour available from End, including a couple of the exclusive colours in Bordeaux and Mustard. The first 5 arrived a week or so back (Pre-sale), and they all fit exactly the same. I've only owned one Gitman shirt which is a on M, so I bought all the new shirts in M also, and to me they fit the same as the...
End aren't running the 20% pre-sale anymore. It's now switched to the 50% off winter sale. http://www.endclothing.co.uk/sale/
 Recognised the photo from Barneys. Not on sale though.. http://www.barneys.com/on/demandware.store/Sites-BNY-Site/default/Product-Show?pid=503534537&cgid=men&index=18
A.P.C. x2 Ksubi CP (no vis)
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