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Sorry to hear about your father Jet. Never an easy time losing someone let alone a parent. I lost my mother when I was 25 (32 now) and it does slowly get easier with time. All the best to you and your family.
Ervell Acne Acne CP  
 Yes  Damn, only 42 in the flecked. 
wow nice deal on that aviator. Looks so damn cropped though.
 Thanks. I'm surprised, with all the sneakers I own, that it took me this long to get a plain white pair of CP's.  
Damn missed this challenge thread. Nice fit SVB!
Variation on my fit from the other day with some different items.  KitsuneAcneAcneCP And today at work.  KitsuneKitsuneErvellMMM  [[SPOILER]]
lol not quite but close enough
Yup, this Kitsune shirt. (Click for larger/clearer image)
Left shot was in the boardroom with a closed door following a meeting I had. Right was in the outside foyer where you can see people coming a mile off. Really a non issue.
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