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Adam, all is good.
SpiffEngineer, I am not selling for him so I don't need to start snapping pictures of myself. I like tailor made clothes and wanted to point people to a guy who could do the job after reading this thread where people are being scammed by some Custom Suit dude. I meant to help the community here. I am not compelling anyone to go to Pat Cocco. Once you meet the guy, you will know if he is the type to use marketing shills. My issue with AdamW is that he essentially...
That is all fine. Again, we are looking for a Customer Tailor who does custom tailoring and isn't primarily focused on alteration work because there are tons of those around. I could be wrong about Pat being the best in town but I haven't read anyone suggest someone better. If your answer is the guy in Oakridge then you are missing the point. By the way, based on a few positive mentions of Oakridge, I called them for a custom suit two weeks ago. I thought it would be...
You can have an opinion but if it is pathetically informed it doesn't do anyone any good. Informing others is the purpose of this thread and your contribution in no way adds to this purpose. If you think the tailor I am suggesting is not good enough then suggest someone better. Don't make judgements about me.
Hey, don't go there. Good luck with other tailors. If you think a tailor who is unable to make a custom suit because he is busy with alterations is better than Cocco then stick with him. It tells me what his bread and butter is - alterations. If you think Zegna Centennial is "ordinary" then try finding it. Tells me what you know.
Seville would do it for around 1,200.00. He advertises two suits for $2,000.00.
Not sure if it has been mentioned but the BEST tailor in Vancouver is here (Pat Cocco):   I can't comment on his prices compared to others in town as I have never gone anywhere else.  He can source the best fabrics from around the world for suits, shirts, coats, or any other garment you may want to have tailored.  The last suit he made for me was from the Zegna Centennial Fabric No. 1 - three piece beauty...
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