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Joined the Alden Army today along with some shadow selvedge courtesy of 3sixteen.
I've had them for a bit now. I have some quality control issues but they're still "ok." I got them from shoemall with heavy discounts sub 200. If you're willing to pay full retail I would just save for the Aldens or the 1000 mile Courtlands.
New shoes for the Dualtime.
It's been a while. I've missed wearing this.
I used to think Steve McQueen, but now I think Heisenberg.
I own a G-Shock and I love it.  Would I wear it to work?  Of course not. I wear it to the gym when I'm not using a heart rate monitor or any other place that wouldn't be suitable to wear something fragile as a nice watch.  Some may argue that you can wear the Explorer II to active things...and yeah, you could, but is it really suitable?  My G-Shock isn't shiny, it's not white, and it's not's a very understated matte black.  It's a beater through and through...
I don't use the GMT function but I love my JLC Dualtime/Hometime:  
Just messing around:  
Here's some lume from a 112
You probably got a pretty good workout trying it on!
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