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Those have definitely been worn previously, but it looks to be only around the house and even then only probably for an hour or so. Very similar to what brand new ones would look like after a day of wear. You could return for new, or probably just get a partial refund due to them being "open box".
Price drop $125 OBO
Keeping them.  
It will absolutely stain your dress shirts, especially the lighter ones unless you soak them multiple times before wearing.
Levi's 510's have a long rise and provide quite a bit more crotch room over 511s (Or at least the one pair of Rigid I got for dirt cheap to work on my car in has a much bigger rise than the 511s I have owned). Definitely gives the boys a bit more room to breath. Just size up one from your 511 size.
Just got a pair of new to me Addisons in Tan, unbelievably comfy boots, and I am extremely happy I went with a half size down as recommended, fit is perfect. Reading through the thread I do see most of the recommended care, but was wondering if there was one product in particular that would be best to keep indigo from raw denim bleeding onto the upper parts of the shoe, even if it was to be used only on the upper area. I would be okay with a little indigo bleeding onto...
Have 1 day left on my Allen Edmonds Dalton Boots left (11B although they fit like a C/D). Currently only at $150 so one of you might be able to snag a pretty good deal there. Worn 5-7 times, barely used.
  Relatively new to the "fashion" scene, but it is scarily similar to how the car modification scene operates which I have been a part of for many years now. Is all about trying to be a step ahead, and be "better" than everyone else, often by putting down the high end mainstream down. Very rare to run into people actually into it for the love of the hobby. 
I am an 11D, and I went TTS on my Neumok and the fit is pretty ideal. The are on a long/narrow last, so depending on if your feet run a hair wide for a D, it may make sense to go a half size down, and up one in width. Since they are unlined, your toe shape could show through the shoe if they were a bit too tight. I had this initially but after wearing them a couple times they stretched enough for it to not be obvious. Also when you get them, the should fit a bit tight,...
Long time lurker here, have my Allen Edmonds Daltons up for Sale $150 starts the bidding $220 takes them buy it now. Free shipping. Only worn 5-7 times.
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