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haha I skateboard, wouldn't give that up for anything :D let's see if I can stretch these out with daily wear and sleeping in them for a week.
do you think it will stretch a full size?   I am concerned because even the sz 31 (larger one) could use a little more space in the thighs (I have big thighs) but everything else is perfect.   These would have to stretch 1 - 1.25 sizes in the thighs and a little in the calves to be perfect.       Finally, if you knew how long that would take to stretch them, that would be great. I have 1 more week with both pairs before I must return the larger size.
Will the raw denim (d02) stretch in the thigh and calves after a few wears?   Sz 31 is perfect for me all around out of the box, except there is some space in the waist.   I purchased size 30 hoping they will stretch into the fit of the size 31s.   My pair is the 98% cotton 2% elastane blend raw denim indigo pair
I have a $100 gift card (USD) for $90 on PayPal. It is a virtual code. Email me if you want it andrewxu 1 0 @
When is the Next Mr. Porter Sale?
$100 giftcard that I received for my birthday. I'm set on copping this denim jacket from self edge instead so I'm selling the GC.   feel free to text me 5I522797OO for faster reply. I'm terrible at checking this site sometimes.
ready 2 cop 41/42 whatever fits a size 41 in common projects
anyone know where to cop pants like these? and what this type of pant is called? hahaha thanks.  
Particularly the brown ones! Anything similar to that fitment / material would be awesome. Looking for a pant like that in black too, but cropped. What are these types of pants called?   I am in college, so just transitioning out of the "raw denim and black acnes every day" phase of my life haha.    
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