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ready 2 cop 41/42 whatever fits a size 41 in common projects
anyone know where to cop pants like these? and what this type of pant is called? hahaha thanks.  
Particularly the brown ones! Anything similar to that fitment / material would be awesome. Looking for a pant like that in black too, but cropped. What are these types of pants called?   I am in college, so just transitioning out of the "raw denim and black acnes every day" phase of my life haha.    
Hello,   Looking for classic Margiela Replica/GAT 42 in white (Will consider others)   Also looking for some achilles CP in 41 and basketball lows in 42, not too picky on color. Already have white achilles.   Thanks   Other people interesting sneakers for sale that fit similar can message me too.
how exactly do i bump? just comment?
This is just a general raw jeans question, but if I bought a used pair of raws (4-5 wears, no wash, no fade), should I soak prior to wearing them?   On a similar note, I have a pair of Nudies that I was given before I knew about raw jeans (I was just told not to ever wash them). I never soaked them prior to wearing them though, so should I soak them? I was dumb and had them hemmed to my normal jean size (as I said, I was unaware about raw jeans). I'm worried the soak...
New to raw denim here. Just purchased Naked and Famous Weird Guy in deep indigo. Sized down 1 waist size, but the inseam is 2.25in longer than my typical chino inseam. Should I get them hemmed? If so, to what length? I bought them here, they were worn 4-5 times, should I soak them? I have no idea whether the previous owner soaked them or not.   Also, I have a pair of Nudies that I've been wearing for around 3 weeks now (3-4 wears a week). I have never washed or...
awesome - another quick question. If I want to get my raws hemmed, can I use any alteration shop as long as I tell them to preserve the selvedge edge? How much longer (than my inseam for chino size) should I have them hemmed to? I plan on soaking them right before I have em hemmed
What are the benefits of a chain stitch on raw jeans? I looked it up and it said the strength of the stitch would be stronger but its more likely to unwind. isn't that counter intuitive?
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