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Could someone please critique the fit of my suit? I took it to the tailor and they said the suit was fine but the pants needed to be takein in 2 inches and the length of the pants shorten by 2 inches. The crotch area also need to be let out but he said there was nothing inside.
Sorry for the bad pics from my previous post. Any thoughts? I think the pants are too long and the waist needs to be adjusted. My 34 belt is too short for the pants.                          
OK guys here is some better photos of my essential gray indochino suit. I think the suit is fine but would like to get others opinions. The pant length needs to shorten and the waist is too roomy. My 34 waist belt is too short for the pants. No hand in pocket this time ;)                      
How do I embed the photos in the post?
Hey guys,   Just got my indochino suit in the mail. This is after going to the traveling tailor event in Chicago 4 weeks ago. This is my first suit from them and i was hoping it would be a perfect fit but looks like the pants need adjusting. Thoughts? The suit seems a bit tight but i i think its b/c its a custom fit.                                                    
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