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What size?
Yes, it's just rain that's the issue. Just looking for some unorthodox options as everything I've seen so far seems a little too work-weary/americana-y.
Need some boots that work for walking to and from class when it rains 75% of the time. I wear a lot of tan, navy, white, gray, and black. I feel like I've looked at hundreds of pairs but none of them really seem perfect, especially when considering that they need to work in the rain. Any suggestions welcome!
Pics don't work for the parka
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought 46 = 20.3 p2p?
What is it made of? Can't really tell for sure from the pics.
Looking for 10.5 / 285 I believe. PM if you have any.
APCs come out to ~120, good deal.
OSB Trenches Outlier Dungs and Climbers Another OL Sweat NBxNorse collab Wool Beanie GATs
I really like a lot of the looks in their lookbook. Is there a different brand that offers similar styling and cuts but at a more reasonable cost:goodness ratio?
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