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Sounds like fully canvased is the way to go
I'm looking for a everyday day for the office.  I should avoid the fully canvassed?
I have one suit from Suit Supply that I enjoy.  Looking for some other options.
I'm looking to buy a new suit and have around a $500 budget for the suit itself (budget does not include alternations).  What are some good brands to explore? 
Thanks for the feedback.  I have a pretty good relationship with a tailor so buying a used tux seems like the best route.  Don't want my girlfriend to be known as dating the fool who doesn't dress properly.
Next month I'm attending a black tie wedding with my girlfriend and this will be my first black tie wedding.  I have four possible options:   1) Wear my black pinstripe suit.  This option is the least expensive yet is kinda cheap.   2) Rent a tux.  Satisfies black tie requirement but rented tuxes can look kinda crappy.   3) Buy a cheap tux on Ebay.  This option isn't expensive but cheap tuxes on Ebay are all polyester.    4) Look for a used tux. ...
Calvin Klein white label
Any easy signs to spot fakes?  My major concern is spotting fakes.  
I'm considering buying a new suit on Ebay.  Already I have a suit from the same brand in the same size.  Are there any downsides to buying this suit on Ebay?
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