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A burgundy/maroon/plum, depending on who you ask and what batch you get.  My black cherry Red Wing Beckmans are some of my favorite boots, but I really wanted to upgrade them to a pair of White's.  It's a distinctive color (read: not brown) yet matches with virtually everything.
Just ordered my second pair of Bounty Hunters...my other pair (smooth distressed) is my favorite pair of boots that I own.  Hopefully this summer weather will help ensure the turnaround time is nice and quick.   9" Bounty Hunter Semi-Dress last #8 CXL everywhere antique hooks and eyes (5 eyes at the bottom then hooks then a pair of eyes at the top) close trim single midsole (light brown) Vibram 430 lined (brown) single celastic plain toe block heel, lowered...
True...but working firefighters are relying on these boots and it's summer here in Maine, so while I was certainly getting impatient, it's no biggie.  That said, if I decide I want to order that pair in waxed flesh, I'll be doing so very soon so that I can get them in time for next winter.
   Price was $450 shipped, and it will be 23 weeks from initial payment as of tomorrow.  I should stress that that wait was very likely from Nick's rather than Vermilyea Pelle, as Dustin (owner of VP) was great with communication and kept me updated throughout the process, including the time when the sole stitcher was out with foot or ankle surgery.  From what I understand, Dustin did the heel and the edges, as well as choosing the leather/sole/etc in the initial mockup...
They're done!  Dustin (at Vermilyea Pelle) just sent me this quick instagram photo of my boots this morning.  Still waiting for an edge dressing, but they should ship today.  Can't wait to put these through their paces soon.   The wait from Nick's sucked, but Dustin was great to work with and prompt with communication...and the boots look beautiful.     (dark olive CXL, matching tongue, commando half-sole, lowered 1/4" block heel, 6" height)
Ha! I guess #dadcore must've been trending today.
I really can't get over how great these dark olive cxl beefrolls are with the lactae hevea soles (a custom makeup stocked by Portland Dry Goods).  The color variation throughout the leather thanks to the pull-up qualities is just out of this world, and they're now ten types of comfortable.      
Definitely awesome.
Is that true?  Their dress brown is *really* dark (bordering on black), so that surprises me.
I would say the medium travel bag would be a bit too small for what you're looking for, and likely not ideal for carrying suits.  If that's what you're going for, I'd recommend either the suit cover or garment bag.   That said, I love my medium travel bag.
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