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FWIW, both of my block heels looked great without Baker's having to touch them.
Can anyone point me in the direction of photos of a well-worn pair of White's in British Tan?  I love the look, but tend to be pretty hard on my boots, so they won't look pristine for long...so I'm interested to see how they'll age.
So much this.  All the mentions of Huberd's in the world won't make it a great product. inb4 "I've been using Huberd's for 40 years, and the owner told me to use 3 gallons each time I use it, and my boots are still boots...so it must be the best!"
Portland is now one of the top food cities in the country (really).  We have the highest number of restaurants per capita than any city in the nation--beating out San Francisco--so I doubt you'll be disappointed. Off the top of my head: Eventide (oyster bar and fantastic seafood...not a fried clams/steamed lobster place, though), Duckfat (the best fries on earth, cooked in--you guessed it--duck fat), Central Provisions (tapas style, just declared top 10 new restaurants in...
It's amazing how different all leathers can look.  This smooth distressed looks nothing like mine, yet is still really beautiful.  Might be time for me to hit mine with a bit of oil, rather than just my good ol' Leather Lotion/Lexol. Speaking of beautiful, I just got a sample of the horsehide that Baker's uses as an exclusive, and holy hell that's some nice leather.  Great pullup and great shine at the same time.  Really, really tempted.  I seem to recall that it's only...
Agreed 100%.  Second pair is vastly better, imho.
I would leave it.  These are a workboot aesthetic, so embracing scuffs/scrapes/dings will both make the boot better looking and allow you to wear them without worrying.   Beyond that, putting Obenauf's on is *not* want you want to do, as it's created for a very different purpose (waterproofing), and it can dull the leather.  Obenauf's can be a great product when used in the right application (boots that will see a *lot* of water and snow), but given your stance on this...
I'm a 8.5D in White's SD last, and on Nick's HNW last, I'm also and 8.5D...although they may be just a touch longer than my White's.  Even so, on my second pair of Nick's I went with 8.5D again.
Yes.  Brooks Bros usually has a 40% off sale in December.
Given your needs, I'd highly recommend trying the boots on in-person. You can see the different lasts online, so there's no sense in going in blins given you have the ability to try a lot of these on in person.
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