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White's over OSB all day.  Significantly fewer QC errors, better leather from what I've seen, much more customizable, and much more heavy duty, as well as having a nicer shape (subjective).  They're also made by a serious workboot company whereas OSBs were outsourced to a company (that has since gone out of business and likely being bought up by OSB/owners-of-OSB) that specialized in orthotics shoes.  There are a *ton* of posts about bad loose grain creasing on multiple...
There likely are, but I would check the Red Wing and Wolverine 1000 mile threads, as well as the sale alert threads. This thread is for boots from the Pacific Northwest (White's, Nick's, Viberg, Drew's, Dayton's, etc.), so a lot of members here won't have their fingers on the pulse of RW/Wolverine sales.
Yep, it'd be easy to take off, too.  It would help build a patina quickly, too.
Personally, I really like that the two pieces of the midsole are just a tad different.  Shoes that it's stacked leather rather than a piece of plastic. You could always go for "ox blood" and put some black polish on your water buffalo to decrease the contrast.  (The term "ox blood" refers to people putting black polish on their red doc martens)
I actually really like that super dark brown.  Makes it a lot more unique than just a standard dark brown. Interesting to see how smooth/shiny the water buffalo is.  For some reason I thought it was much more similar to bison.  Congrats!
holy shiny, batman!  Is that brown dress and black dress? I thought brown dress was suuuper dark, almost black...but maybe my memory is failing me again?
Holy shit.  Those are beautiful.  Who makes those?  The "Baker's" insignia makes me thing they may be Drew's. Edit:  and any idea what tannery they got the shell from?  Is that horween?  I'd be surprised if they bought something from outside of the US, but you never know given the shell shortage.
Nick's recently confirmed that they can get both olive Chromepak (same as what Viberg used in their famed 3sixteen collab) and natural chromepak.  Be forewarned that their natural Chromepak can be a good deal greener than natural CXL (I have a belt in natural Chromepak that borders on mint colored).  I'd go olive Chromepak if not going with the Dark Olive CXL through Vermilyea Pelle.  While not my Nick's (got those in the summer and haven't had enough boot weather to beat...
Congrats!  What'd you order?
Glad I could help.  Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of them as they're just a brainstorm right now...but I imagine somebody on these forums has gotten a pair of distressed roughouts.  White's has sent me samples for their leathers, so I've seen the distressed roughout in person, and it's beautiful.  Just like the smooth side, it's not too different looking than natural CXL...just a lot tougher.
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