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It's done in the tannery by Horween (or whatever tannery is making it), and it occurs during the tanning and finishing processes.  It's different than just applying wax or dubbin to a roughout leather.  It's apparently quite similar to how CXL is made...but that's about all they'll tell us, as they have to protect industry secrets. Here's a blog post by Horween about the leather.
My Vermilyea Pelle x Nick's Boots in waxed flesh (CXL) arrived yesterday, and they are flippin' amazing. I'm in love. Full details: waxed Flesh CXL 8" height cut top antique hooks and eyes HNW last (similar to Robert last but a bit less arch support...yet it's still very much there, just not as much as my White's BHs) cap toe (perfect proportions, if I do say so myself. I love White's but their cap toes vary way too much for me to risk it on a $400+...
Somebody should really buy this jacket.  I own it in the other colorway, and it has immediately become my favorite piece of outerwear (and I have a lot of outerwear).
Here you go.
They have rules with dealers that they can't ship them to different parts of the world.  They do this as a way to ensure that regional exclusives stay exclusive to each region.  Many companies do this (Alden won't sell shell cordovan Indys on the modified last inside of the US, as they all go to Japan), so it's far from isolated. Your best bet is to set up an ebay alert to get an email anytime they're listed on ebay.  Otherwise, you can either travel there or ask a friend...
That's an anomaly (at least in my swatches).  I own a pair of brown dress boots (lined), and they're fantastic.  Just starting to break through the dark brown to reveal some of the light brown on the toes, and I am really really happy with them.
In truth, part of me regrets selling them.  They sold within 15 min on grailed, so I didn't have any time to change my mind. Oh well, they hadn't been worn in 6 months...they should go to someone who can wear them as often as they deserve to be worn.  It's a beautiful boot. I still have a pair of black IRs (the perfect black boot, imho...and I almost never wear black boots), and the J Crew version of the 877 with a darker pullup leather (potentially Copper Rough and Tough,...
Yeah, I have a sample of British Tan and it's quite a bit darker than this.  I wonder how much color variation they have.  Good idea on asking them to choose the lightest...certainly hope it wouldn't lead to lesser quality in their clicking.
Given I've been wearing only my White's or Nick's for quite some time, it was time to sell my RW Beckmans in chestnut, as they really weren't getting any wear now that I have a solid PacNW boot rotation.  The problem is, I love thir color.  Does anyone have any recommendations as to something that would be close to this color from White's?      
It'll loosen up over time...but if you don't want to wait, I would basically crumple the fabric up, and then release.  Then crumple and release.  Rinse and repeat until you've achieved the desired effect, but similar to raw denim, you may get better fades or more interesting patina if you let the fabric naturally relax from it's stiff state rather than forcing it.
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