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Buy them.  Not going to get a whole lot cheaper, and the winter isn't going to slow down.  Better to be wearing them now than spending time looking and not wearing them just to save $10-20, imho.
Nope...that's just natural/clear with a lot of wear.
My White's BHs in Distressed Smooth after a couple weeks in Europe (and a whole bunch prior to that).  Walked all day everyday, and between these and my Nick's (dark olive CXL), I had zero blistering.  These really are my favorite boots I've ever owned.   Album
Wait...you don't like Temple of Doom?!  Those are the only two that matter.
You already know my feelings on these...but holy hell do I love these. I cannot wait to get my pair (almost identical aside from a captoe).
I think you're overthinking it.  The last looks the same to me, and the only real difference that I see is the length of the heel, and that's VERY subtle, and may be due to right vs left. They're great looking shoes.  Enjoy them.
natural cxl has a lot more character and color variation than brown cxl, so I vastly prefer it.
This is why I like the Vibram 430 so much.  Has enough tread to be functional when not on pavement/flooring, yet doesn't look like a lugged boot at all.  Non-marking, and super hard wearing.   I have the commando half-sole on my Nick's because I like the look of the uninterrupted leather heel stack, but my next pair of Nick's (still on order) has a 430 half sole, being made for me by Dustin at Vermilyea Pelle.  Then I get all the advantages of the 430 while retaining the...
Yeah, but a pair of White's will last your whole life! (I kid, I kid...celebrating 10 years with my wife at the end of next month)
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