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Made by rancourt, but I believe they're made on a different last.  The ones that I ordered from East Dane were quite a bit bigger than other 8.5Ds that I've worn from Rancourt.
Yeah, I guess that's what it is.  The fact that it was centrally located on the pocket was what threw me, but I guess they just did it to have it look better than being sewn onto the tag or the bottom inside of the placket.
Can anyone explain to me what the button on the inner pocket on the Mackinaw Cruiser is meant for?  It's the Seattle Fit, if that somehow matters.   As far as I can tell, the button is purely cosmetic, as it doesn't hold anything down or close the pocket...it's sewn onto the front of the pocket.  That said, Filson doesn't strike me as a company to just add a button for cosmetic purposes, so I have to assume there is some utility to it.  Happen to know what it's...
It might seem that way, but I think that's just product photography. I own 4 Filson bags, some of which are from Filson directly, and the others are from Brooks Brothers...and all are exactly the same color (otter green).
 As far as I know/in my experience, the "olive green" is actually just otter green.  I have some pieces from BB and from elsewhere, and they're both the same green.
I'd recommend shoe goo. Been using it for decades, and it's still the best.
Tempest is pretty stiff, so not ideal for loafers.
Natural/honey RLH sole. The heel mixed with that soft rubber and great color make it the perfect loafer sole. Mich better than the aspen version, imho.
you first.
If that's the case, I'd recommend putting a pair (or two, if need be for fit) of terrycloth insoles into your shoes.  Search "pedag terry cloth insole" on Amazon, and you'll be good to go.  Get the black version, as the white ones can get nasty looking quickly, but they'll both help take up a bit of space, and help to absorb foot sweat that is common when going barefoot.
New Posts  All Forums: