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I wish I had more of a buffer zone.  It's dangerous to live this close to my favorite store in New England (sorry Boston).
Officially excited.  I'll be stopping in tomorrow.
Good catch.  Here is the link, in case anyone is interested.
Couldn't agree more.  I own 3 pairs of White's, and none of them have been too hard of a break-in.  The toughest part of any of the pairs was forming the heel cup on my first pair in Distressed Smooth, and no amount of water/alcohol could change that. No need to risk hurting the leather.  Wear them...they'll break in with time.
Interesting.  While I only Obenauf a couple pairs of my boots (the ones that see the hardest wear/tear/weather/wetness), I tend to Obenauf all of my laces.  I feel like it helps keep them a bit moist to reduce the chances of snapping as well as giving them a bit of tackiness that helps them stay tied all day.  
It's done in the tannery by Horween (or whatever tannery is making it), and it occurs during the tanning and finishing processes.  It's different than just applying wax or dubbin to a roughout leather.  It's apparently quite similar to how CXL is made...but that's about all they'll tell us, as they have to protect industry secrets. Here's a blog post by Horween about the leather.
My Vermilyea Pelle x Nick's Boots in waxed flesh (CXL) arrived yesterday, and they are flippin' amazing. I'm in love. Full details: waxed Flesh CXL 8" height cut top antique hooks and eyes HNW last (similar to Robert last but a bit less arch support...yet it's still very much there, just not as much as my White's BHs) cap toe (perfect proportions, if I do say so myself. I love White's but their cap toes vary way too much for me to risk it on a $400+...
Somebody should really buy this jacket.  I own it in the other colorway, and it has immediately become my favorite piece of outerwear (and I have a lot of outerwear).
Here you go.
They have rules with dealers that they can't ship them to different parts of the world.  They do this as a way to ensure that regional exclusives stay exclusive to each region.  Many companies do this (Alden won't sell shell cordovan Indys on the modified last inside of the US, as they all go to Japan), so it's far from isolated. Your best bet is to set up an ebay alert to get an email anytime they're listed on ebay.  Otherwise, you can either travel there or ask a friend...
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