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This is why I like the Vibram 430 so much.  Has enough tread to be functional when not on pavement/flooring, yet doesn't look like a lugged boot at all.  Non-marking, and super hard wearing.   I have the commando half-sole on my Nick's because I like the look of the uninterrupted leather heel stack, but my next pair of Nick's (still on order) has a 430 half sole, being made for me by Dustin at Vermilyea Pelle.  Then I get all the advantages of the 430 while retaining the...
Yeah, but a pair of White's will last your whole life! (I kid, I kid...celebrating 10 years with my wife at the end of next month)
It's all subjective, but I went with Baker's brown, as I like a bit of contrast, but the natural finish would've been too extreme, imho.
I can't even find anything on the googles when I look up "dyo boot."  Are you pretty sure on the spelling (i.e. was it a phone call or email)?
I was told it's somewhere around 6-8 weeks now with the holidays coming up.  That was last week.
Fair enough, and I do apologize if it came across as that I was frustrated with the mods, as that's not the case...moreso that I'm frustrated with the likelihood that these are secondary accounts and that his shenanigans are continuing to clog up this thread.  That said, I fell into it, and am therefore only further clogging up this thread.  Apologies.
How many new users and lurkers with young accounts will we have that are suddenly chiming in on Louie's behalf before we get an IP ban on him?  This is so transparent, it's not even funny.    Louie may have had some decent information, but he was unable to communicate, take feedback, or interact with others.  Nobody liked him because of that, and he was therefore banned.  Bye Louie.
Medium duffel is your ticket, and because it's collapsible, you can make the dimensions work as long as it's not full. It also has the added benefit of being able to fit in the tiny overhead compartments on regional planes, due to it's squishability.
I think putting restrictions on how long you wear a pair of boots in a day during break-in is just silly.  Wear them as long as your feet can put up with them, and if you feel a blister forming, change shoes to avoid said blister which will then slow down your wear over the subsequent days. Nitrile cork soles are very hard wearing, however they're also pretty useless in snow and ice (and some would say rain).  They're not a bad sole, per se, but if you're in bad weather,...
$3.25, actually. I also highly recommend the rawhide laces from this ebay seller.
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