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Might I recommend that you start one?  You've done your research, both in reading and in purchasing, and would therefore be a very qualified party to do so.  It could even be a PacNW boot thread, as that would then stay within the same style of boot, yet would keep the Red Wing and Wolverine stuff out of it (no offense to those brands, but they both have big threads as it is, and they're on a different level than Wesco/White's/Viberg/Nick's/etc).   If you'd prefer not to...
You're home now.
Ha.  If people are actually flagging a post about your obviously jocular tone about the shape of a boot heel, I do believe they need to get a hobby. Thanks for the info on the Wescos.  Without going too far into it (or maybe you should), which brand of PNW/Canadian boot do you prefer overall?  I just got my first pair of Nick's (which are beautiful), but I haven't owned them long enough to really be able to judge anything about them, and I've never owned a pair of Wescos.
Wussy lowered block heel type chiming in again... Flightmaster?  Motor Patrol Last?  Either we're not talking about White's anymore, or they've released a lot of new things recently.  Care to elaborate?
Beautiful.  Details?
In truth, it was actually Vermilyea Pelle that gave me that beautiful belt for my patience, and they weren't even the reason behind the long wait time.  Huge thanks/props to Dustin at VP for treating me so well. While the wait wasn't ideal, I own enough other boots that it wasn't a huge deal to me, and sometimes that whole "good things come to those who wait," thing is right.  For me, this is one of those cases.  Dark olive CXL is about my favorite leather out there, so to...
I do.  Otherwise they're pretty damn nice.
They're here!   Album full of boots and ribs from today   They're beautiful. Everything I hoped. Craftsmanship is fantastic and they feel great on my feet. TThe welt stitching looks great aside from one uneven (long) stitch and one stitch at the end where the stitch looks a bit crushed...but both of those are purely aesthetics. The heel is substantial, but looks great when being worn, and they feel balanced on the feet (not falling forwards or backwards). I love how...
Very easy.
My BHs (on SD last) are the same size as my Iron Rangers.
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