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While a long wait is frustrating, when they deliver a top notch product that is made individually for each customer...I find it to be worth the wait.   Here's mine after getting very minimal wear so far this summer.  While I'm not ready for winter, I am ready for boot weather.  I want to see what these guys look like once really beaten up.  
Fantastic info.  Thanks for sharing.
Yeah, they're really beautiful in-person.  I can't find even a bit of loose grain anywhere on them (even after a full day of working in the garage) aside from the tongue (which is too be expected) and in the lace protectors (aka "world's most beautiful bookmarks"), so that shows some seriously great clicking on their part.  That's something that not a lot of bootmakers (COUGHoakstreetCOUGH) are excelling at these days, so it's nice to see it done right.
My 9" Bounty Hunters in #8 CXL came in, and they're downright beautiful.  The welt stitching is a good deal cleaner/straighter than my other pair of BHs in Smooth Distressed, and the overall finish is really nice.  No complaints at all, so I'm really, really happy with these.  Glad I got in before any potential changes happen because of the sale of White's...received shipping notification a few days before the sale became official.   (More photos to follow)  
Wow.  If you want a pair of White's and don't want to wait, now is your time.    I ordered a second pair of Bounty Hunters (this time in #8) on July 1st, and I just got shipment confirmation today.  Additionally, Kyle was going to give the edges a seal to darken them up a bit from natural, but not as dark as White's' brown edges, so not only did White's build them quickly, Kyle also had the edges sealed quickly, too.  Super impressed.
Thanks for chiming in.  I must admit, the sample of Mexcel that I got from Nick's was *really* impressive.  The natural had fantastic pull up qualities, and the burgundy was beautiful...if really dark. Now hurry up and get on those photos!  I'd love to see.
Wait...Nick's will do a pair in Whiskey shell?  Holy f. Happen to have any photos?
Really looking forward to this thread taking shape, and thanks for starting it b-ewing.   As of now I only have White's and Nick's out of the bunch, and have only had my Nick's for a couple weeks, and given it's July...they haven't gotten as much wear.  The major difference that I noticed right out of the box was that the arch isn't quite as high on the Nick's, which isn't really a problem, but I do love the idea of the arch collapsing to fit my individual feet (as the...
Might I recommend that you start one?  You've done your research, both in reading and in purchasing, and would therefore be a very qualified party to do so.  It could even be a PacNW boot thread, as that would then stay within the same style of boot, yet would keep the Red Wing and Wolverine stuff out of it (no offense to those brands, but they both have big threads as it is, and they're on a different level than Wesco/White's/Viberg/Nick's/etc).   If you'd prefer not to...
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