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Natural/honey RLH sole. The heel mixed with that soft rubber and great color make it the perfect loafer sole. Mich better than the aspen version, imho.
you first.
If that's the case, I'd recommend putting a pair (or two, if need be for fit) of terrycloth insoles into your shoes.  Search "pedag terry cloth insole" on Amazon, and you'll be good to go.  Get the black version, as the white ones can get nasty looking quickly, but they'll both help take up a bit of space, and help to absorb foot sweat that is common when going barefoot.
You have impeccable taste.  That's the same makeup I have, however all credit goes to Dustin at Portland Dry Goods, as he was the mastermind behind that makeup...and I was just lucky enough to see it in store.  Truly my favorite loafer that I've ever seen, and I try to convince everyone/anyone to buy it.
If I were you, I'd just have them resole it again into the RLH.  No point in having beautiful uppers connected to a sole that you don't like.  Much cheaper to buy a resole than to just have them get lost at the back of your closet.
The Parisian blue is pretty damn nice.  Nice and vibrant, without being "too much."     RLH = perfection.
The small isn't too huge at all, and keep in mind that if you don't pack it full, the bag really does become as small as whatever the contents that it's carrying. If you're looking for something specifically for a carryon, I'd recommend the medium travel bag.  Similar to the duffle, but just a few more pockets for organization.
  Thanks for sharing these photos.  Nice to finally see some Nick's Boots in this thread.  If you have a chance to take photos of the Rangers, I'd love to see those, too. In other news, that might be the most extreme taper I've just about ever seen on a heel.  Super distinctive, and while I don't think I could pull it off, I think it works well with this boot.
Beefrolls all day.  So much nicer.
While that's true, what I meant was I don't believe you can separately choose the forefoot and heel widths on a custom basis.
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