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While that's true, what I meant was I don't believe you can separately choose the forefoot and heel widths on a custom basis.
On certain brands of shoes (like Alden), yes.  I can't be 100% sure, but I don't believe Rancourt offers a combination last like that, even for custom.  Don't take my word for it, give Katie a shout and she'll get you squared away.
I can't judge length by photos, but yes, the width looks far too wide for your feet.
True enough...I was just confused by the email that you posted.
Isn't this just saying that you can't order a pair of shoes that have 2 different sizes from their readymade line?  As I see it, this isn't talking about whether or not once can use a $50 giftcard on the readymades.
My pleasure.  I'm a 9 on the brannock device, and wear a 9 in Allen Edmonds #5 last (generally considered pretty true to size), so I'm an 8.5 in Rancourt Beefrolls, an 8.5 in Rancourt ranger mocs, an 8.5 in OSB trail oxfords (ranger moc by a different name) and an 8 in OSB Beefrolls. Hope that helps!
It really depends on what dress shoe/brand you're talking about.  Generally speaking, when people are talking about sizing down from somewhere, unless they specify what brand, they're talking in relation to your brannock size. Dress shoes come in hundreds of brands and lasts, so one could be talking about dress shoes on an Allen Edmonds #5 last (park ave, strand, etc...which I wear in a 9) or dress shoes on an Alden Barrie last (which I wear in an 8.5).  That's why the...
Hot damn.  Those are beautiful.
Baker's is actually often cheaper than White's, and I heard that from an employee at White's directly. Additionally, I believe there are certain makeups that Baker's does that White's doesn't offer.  When I mentioned the Bounty Hunter boot, the person at White's that I was speaking with had never heard of them.  Now that may just be a name applied by Baker's to the Smoke Jumper on a semi-dress last, but that just goes to show Baker's knowledge of what's on offer.  If...
...isn't that what I said?
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