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Wow.  Just wow.  These are *perfect*. I may ask for this on my new pair of BHs in Brown Dress.  Will use exact photos when I ask for them.  Thanks, DaizawaGuy!
That's exactly what Kyle at Baker's said he could make happen! See post #5340.
Ha!  Too true.
Agreed 100%.  It looks a bit too long and to narrow for my tastes, and while I don't generally find a cuban heel to actually be feminine looking (although I do like to pretend that I do when joking with @revrend), I find that one to actually look pretty feminine to me.  The cuban heel needs more of a base to look right, imho.
That's a very interesting observation, and you explained it perfectly.  I wonder if Baker's and White's could communicate this to basically have it done with an unshaped cuban heel (i.e. that starts further towards the front than the block heel) and then have Baker's sand it down.  In truth, I wonder if White's could just do a less tapered cuban heel themselves.
Back to boots and heels and stuff.   I just spoke with Kyle at Baker's, and while asking him to sand down the block heel if it happens to be one of the rare bad eggs, I also asked if they could do a very lightly tapered cuban heel (a la Viberg), and he said that that was very doable.  Seems like you'd order it as a block heel and just ask Baker's to do the modification.  Pretty damn intriguing for guys like me that are slow to embrace the heavily tapered cuban...
@LA Guy I never thought I'd link to this video, but it strikes me as appropriate here.  
Agreed!  Their horsehide is some damn fine stuff.
I can't imagine that would be an issue.  At worst, they may ask for a $20 upcharge from the GMTO fee, but that's it. I am seriously excited to see those.  Bummer about the chromepak delay, but as with most things like this, they'll definitely be worth the wait.
Apologies for my ignorance here, but is that okay to do via forum etiquette?  I very much understand that one should not feed the trolls, but does that not just clog the mods inbox?  Not sure if they'll actually do anything about it...and I just don't want to be a pain for the mods.  
New Posts  All Forums: