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Here you go. There are a few things that this leaves out (standard vs close edge trim, heel type/height, pull loop, whether you want a logo, etc), but it's a good starting point.
If memory serves me right, Baker's is actually a bit cheaper than White's for a build like this, so you might as well order through them.  This way you're dealing with a company that specializes in customer service as well as still supporting White's...all while saving some money.  It was someone from White's who actually mentioned that certain builds are cheaper through Baker's than they are through White's to me.
Care to elaborate?  I'm intrigued as to why.  I've always had great experiences with them, but that certainly doesn't mean others are in the same boat.
Aside from height, there's also an extra piece of leather on the backstay (similar to a toecap, but on the rear) for added wear protection over time.
Brown Dress all day long.  The great thing about the dress leathers is the contrast that is revealed once you wear off the top layer a bit, and that lower layer is definitely brown.  I think black boots generally look good when they're black and grey all over, whereas 2 shades of contrasty brown just look awesome together.  If you want an all black boot, I think there are other options for black leather (black smooth, I'd say), but the brown dress is just downright...
Put some Obenauf's on the laces as soon as you get them.  That'll soften them up as well as increase tackiness a bit to help them stay tied. I've seen some pairs recently that hover around the 3 week mark, including one that was 18 days.
 That long of a trip are you talking about?
Their turnaround time has been really fast lately.  I wouldn't sacrifice fit for a few weeks of impatience.
Medium duffle--when full--is definitely over the carryon size.  That said, I use mine as a carryon all the time and I just generally leave it a bit less than full and walk onto the plane confidently, and I have yet to run in to any issue.
Most leather out there is not dyed all the way through.
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