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While I'm one of the first (and apparently most outspoken) people to point out the faults of Szad's pair of shell trenches, I do think it's important that we do not turn this into an OSB-bashing thread.  George hasn't PMed me to ask that I pipe down or deleted any of my posts, likely because I've done my best to be as fair and respectful as possible in my criticism of those boots (not saying the posts that were deleted were disrespectful, just speaking from personal...
Namecalling often legitimizes a post, right? I'll PM you my websites right now so that you can judge for yourself whether I know anything about light. 
I really, really hope you're kidding here.  You're claiming that the messed up shaft height and the ability to see the inner welt stitching is because of barrel distortion and bad lighting?  There's no barrel distortion in the world that can do that to the photos.  None.  I know you like throwing around photographic terms, but most of the time it's just plain wrong.  Earlier in the thread you mentioned "diffused lighting" when it was very obviously direct lighting (the...
True enough...I was just confused by the email that you posted.
Isn't this just saying that you can't order a pair of shoes that have 2 different sizes from their readymade line?  As I see it, this isn't talking about whether or not once can use a $50 giftcard on the readymades.
Look, I really like OSB and a lot of their offerings (I own 2 pairs and really like both), but it really bothers me that they shipped a boot with so many obvious flaws.  This is especially true when it pertains to a boot made of a material which is great, but that has a low tensile strength, which only exacerbates the issues.   What bothers me more are all the people on here who are so quick to say "I'd take those" when the flaws are so obvious and apparent, even just...
My pleasure.  I'm a 9 on the brannock device, and wear a 9 in Allen Edmonds #5 last (generally considered pretty true to size), so I'm an 8.5 in Rancourt Beefrolls, an 8.5 in Rancourt ranger mocs, an 8.5 in OSB trail oxfords (ranger moc by a different name) and an 8 in OSB Beefrolls. Hope that helps!
Custom is a 10% upcharge. I asked for a sole swap (to the vibram commando that they've offered) and they said it was still 10%.  Hopefully that's not the case for a captoe, but you never know.
It really depends on what dress shoe/brand you're talking about.  Generally speaking, when people are talking about sizing down from somewhere, unless they specify what brand, they're talking in relation to your brannock size. Dress shoes come in hundreds of brands and lasts, so one could be talking about dress shoes on an Allen Edmonds #5 last (park ave, strand, etc...which I wear in a 9) or dress shoes on an Alden Barrie last (which I wear in an 8.5).  That's why the...
Hot damn.  Those are beautiful.
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