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That same boot would be $429.95 from Baker's.  The term "Bounty Hunter" is just the name that Baker's gave that style of boot, so White's recognizes the term, but doesn't use it.
That's a great deal.  Mind sharing where you found it?
I'd be interested to see photos.    Does the flaking seem to be just an outer layer (similar to dress brown having such a darker outer layer, or like chromexcel that's not dyed all the way through), or do you think it's just a function of being really dry?
+1 to both statements. Personally, I think structured toes look better over the longterm, plus they offer a good bit of protection against my clumsiness as well as while out adventuring.  I have a pair of Nick's with a soft toe, and while I really like them, the soft toe means that they're relegated to casual wear only.
Interesting, and I appreciate you chiming in.  These are definitely valid concerns, especially with arch length, as that is most certainly a "thing."  So much so, that it could make White's or Nick's an impossibility. Who did you deal with?  I've had nothing but great interactions with Kyle at Baker's.
That would likely be their Leather Lotion, but I also like Lexol conditioner.
Exactly what I have on the way.  I'm excited to see how they turn out. I ended up selling almost all of my other boots once I discovered White's.  There's really just no going back for me once I felt that fit and arch support, as well as the build quality.
What are you waiting on?  I got my tracking info on Friday, and I'm looking forward to getting yet another pair of Bounty Hunters...this time in distressed roughout.  Just like the other 3 pairs that I own, they're 9" tall, with antique hooks and eyes, close trim w/ brown edges, lowered block heel, pull loop, and no logo, on a vibram 430 sole.  This pair, however, will be my first unlined pair, as I'm buying them for hiking in the summer months.
  Just for fun--and to make your choice a bit more difficult--I might recommend you think about Smooth Distressed, as well.  It's hearty and tough as can be (likely even tougher than Dress Brown, although both are damn tough), and it can look pretty similar to natural CXL, which you mentioned also being drawn to.  Depending on your needs, it could be the perfect in-between for you. Here's an album of mine in Smooth Distressed, ranging from new, to beat up after a really...
If you want to really adventure in them, the brown dress will be much tougher and heartier.  I own a pair of White's in #8CXL, and while it's definitely the thickest and most impressive CXL I've seen, the brown dress leather is just hard and tough as can be.  My Brown Dress BHs are likely now my favorite of my White's, and I've worn them all over the world on a whole lot of different adventures.  I can't recommend that leather enough (second place would be Smooth Distressed).
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