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You would not be disappointed.  That exact makeup is my favorite pair of boots that I own, and while it's not a very dressy leather, it's by far the most impressive leather that I've ever had on a boot.  You can beat it to absolute hell, and with a quick brushing, it's back to looking like new.  Mind bogglingly nice.
Truly beautiful.  The Parisian blue is just awesome.  I love how vibrant it is in-person (I'd say the top color is closest to real life), and this is a great makeup all around.
I've found a few pieces each season that seem to be pretty great.  I like a lot of their shirting in the fall, and like their Jackman olive suede bluchers that they released last year, but there's just *nothing* this season that's even remotely exciting.  It's LL Bean, so I don't expect it to be groundbreaking or life changing, but I do look to the signature collection to be a nice twist on classics, both in fit and in material.  Their current line just looks like mainline...
Bringing this thread back to life.   Is it just me, or is this S/S collection really boring and bad?  I'm usually a big fan of Signature and own quite a lot of it, but this season seems to have really fallen flat, imho.
I just heard back from Dustin (@VermilyeaPelle) about my boots, and apparently they have yet to hit the sole-stitching process...but he's going to get an updated ETA for me soon.  Fingers are crossed that they're nearing the end, as next Wednesday will be 14 weeks (my original estimate) from payment. I'm hoping that mine will still be relatively accurate, as all of this is seasonally-dependent.  My White's shipped in 3 weeks, but now they're back up to an 8 week...
I requested no logo on my Bounty Hunters, and they obliged.  I think the logo looks pretty gaudy, especially on a shorter boot where it would show more often.
Weird.  When you sort by price, it still shows $9.90 as the cheapest price for any of the men's airism stuff. 
 Looks like that's only for women's airism.
Free shipping and free returns.  Why not?  I've got an Urban Outfitters near by, so I don't hesitate at all when they've got good deals.  If I don't like it, no harm done.
Eastland Monroe boots (made by Rancourt) in what I believe is Loden CXL available at Urban Outfitters for $210 w/ discount code "RMNEXTRA40" through 4/23   Link.   Sizes 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 are still in stock as of right now.
New Posts  All Forums: