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This...or right before you start biting into the leather stack.
I have to agree that I don't find White's break-in to be bad at all.  My dress brown and #8 CXL BHs were both comfortable from the moment I put them on, and my Distressed Roughout were comfortable after a single day's wear (stretching a tiny bit width-wise).  My Smooth Distressed pair was a bit painful in the heel cup, and even then...that was only noticeable when climbing a steep hill, and it went away after 3 or 4 days of wear.   I think it really comes down to fit,...
Unfortunately, it was never for Bounty Hunters.  It was SemiDress boots only (I vastly prefer the look of BHs).
I like them, but I wish there was also an option for a shorter version, similar to a more traditional oxford.  The japanese style is cool, it's just not for me. Also, while I love a celastic toe in my Bounty Hunters, I'd love the option of getting a soft toe on a pair of oxfords to make them look a bit more like shoes than ultra short boots.  If I could get away with wearing White's oxfords to business meetings without them looking overly boot-ish, I'd be in heaven, and...
Happy to hear it!  There would be a lot of sad White's fans (myself included) if the MTO program was changed in any way. Good to see you on here, and thanks for chiming in.
Alden, too.  It's not fun, but it's how it goes.
It's only "too big" for carryon if you stuff it completely full, and even then, I've gotten away with that many times.  If it's only partially full, it'll easily fit into one of those size check thingees, and will fit into the smallest overhead compartments on the tiny planes where a rollerboard bag won't fit. +100.  I've done this many times, both foreign and domestic.
That strikes me as putting lipstick onto a large scab.  It's not going to hide much, and won't address the "problem."  As others have said, I'd post in the shoe care thread and see what they say, as that's where the experts in that field hang out.  The boots will be fine in that shape, but if you want to fix the aesthetics of it, you'll likely want to do more than just putting some polish onto it. I ordered mine on April 12 and they shipped on May 1st, so that's 19 days....
That same boot would be $429.95 from Baker's.  The term "Bounty Hunter" is just the name that Baker's gave that style of boot, so White's recognizes the term, but doesn't use it.
That's a great deal.  Mind sharing where you found it?
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