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Their turnaround time has been really fast lately.  I wouldn't sacrifice fit for a few weeks of impatience.
Medium duffle--when full--is definitely over the carryon size.  That said, I use mine as a carryon all the time and I just generally leave it a bit less than full and walk onto the plane confidently, and I have yet to run in to any issue.
Most leather out there is not dyed all the way through.
Agreed...I've found them to be relatively rare, as well, however I absolutely love mine.  The light leather underneath the incredibly dark brown outer layer give such an awesome looking patina/wear pattern.  Here's a few photos of mine from a few days ago.    (^^ lots and lots of ribs). Also, here's an album I put together of some well-worn Brown Dress boots, as well as photos of a pair of new Bounty Hunters in brown dress: http://imgur.com/a/Yr588
I can't help you on the insole (although I think a few more wears may provide sufficient break-in that you may find a padded insole unnecessary), but I find White's' leather laces to be some of the best in the business.  I buy extras to put in my other shoes and boots that warrant leather laces.  Anything thinner, and I'd fear they'd snap pretty easily.  If they're dry, hit them with some obenaufs, and that'll both help them to last a bit longer, as well as helping them to...
If it helps, all 3 pairs of my White's are lined with their "tan" (read: orange) lining, and all of my socks are stained orange because of it.  I think I'd either go cream or black for lining in the future, but maybe I should stick with the tan to make sure all my (now) orange socks match.
For versatility, nothing beats a medium duffle.  Pack it to the brim and put it in checked baggage.  Pack it partially full and carry it on.  Travel somewhere cool and pack it half-full when you leave and fill it with stuff from your travels and use up that extra room.  No external pockets or anything to get filled with dirt when camping.  Simple, straightforward, timeless, and classic.   I have a medium travel bag which I really enjoy, but I grab one of my duffles (1...
While on the subject of Dress Brown White's, here's my pair after a good deal of wear.  These have been to Europe and just got back from Mardi Gras, and I am seriously loving the lighter brown coming through with wear.   Also, the folds/rolls on these is almost shell-esque, aside from the creasing in the valleys.  A truly cool leather, imho.    
I wish I had more of a buffer zone.  It's dangerous to live this close to my favorite store in New England (sorry Boston).
Officially excited.  I'll be stopping in tomorrow.
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