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Medium duffel is your ticket, and because it's collapsible, you can make the dimensions work as long as it's not full. It also has the added benefit of being able to fit in the tiny overhead compartments on regional planes, due to it's squishability.
I think putting restrictions on how long you wear a pair of boots in a day during break-in is just silly.  Wear them as long as your feet can put up with them, and if you feel a blister forming, change shoes to avoid said blister which will then slow down your wear over the subsequent days. Nitrile cork soles are very hard wearing, however they're also pretty useless in snow and ice (and some would say rain).  They're not a bad sole, per se, but if you're in bad weather,...
$3.25, actually. I also highly recommend the rawhide laces from this ebay seller.
If the first pair fit, why would you be re-sized?  If it ain't broke... Sizing can really depend on the time of day (feet are more swollen/large later in the day), socks that you were wearing, and other factors...and it's also a pretty subjective thing based on personal preference.  Beyond that, the first pair that you bought that lacks the steel toe may have stretched a bit with wear, but the steel toe makes that impossible.   I'm not saying it couldn't have been an error...
If anyone is looking for a brown wool Bedford from this season in a size Large, let me know.  Worn twice and looks brand new...still have the tags.
Still pretty darn elegant.  Good call.
Very true, however it should be noted that another reason it looks so elegant is that it has an uninterrupted leather heel stack, unlike what you get if your boots have a Vibram 430, 700, or other full-length soles.
Wow.  Just wow.  These are *perfect*. I may ask for this on my new pair of BHs in Brown Dress.  Will use exact photos when I ask for them.  Thanks, DaizawaGuy!
That's exactly what Kyle at Baker's said he could make happen! See post #5340.
Ha!  Too true.
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