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I really can't get over how great these dark olive cxl beefrolls are with the lactae hevea soles (a custom makeup stocked by Portland Dry Goods).  The color variation throughout the leather thanks to the pull-up qualities is just out of this world, and they're now ten types of comfortable.      
Definitely awesome.
Is that true?  Their dress brown is *really* dark (bordering on black), so that surprises me.
I would say the medium travel bag would be a bit too small for what you're looking for, and likely not ideal for carrying suits.  If that's what you're going for, I'd recommend either the suit cover or garment bag.   That said, I love my medium travel bag.
...and here we are.  Interesting that they took down the "official" thread.  Anyone know why?
A filson obsession. I like your style.
I think I'd try a heel pad at the back of the larger shoe, and if that doesn't work, try a tongue pad.  Moleskin is more to protect your feet from blisters, and likely won't last *that* long when actually attached to a shoe.
Otterwax is built for a completely different purpose than for shoe/leather protection...so I'd definitely go with Obenauf's if you want to use a beeswax type of product on your IRs.  Different compositions and additives.  I like otterwax and have used it on a few things that I own (a jacket, canvas backpack, etc), but I would never use it on my shoes/boots.
It's 100% possible.  My BHs have close trim, and I'm glad they do.  Just give them a shout right after your order, and they'll get you sorted. I also asked for no logo on the uppers, as I think it detracts from their beauty/simplicity.
Shoe Goo all the way.
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