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Have any current-ish photos?  I'd love to see how the non-celastic toe has evolved. 
I'm pretty sure you should call this leather "Maine Crocodile"
Agreed 100%.  My Brown Dress BHs are lined, and I'm very happy with them.  They're likely my favorite boot I own, and I wouldn't change a thing about them.
Architectural photography really necessitates a lot of gear and lights (the speedlight setup is *significantly* more portable than when I'm lugging larger lights), so there's no way around it.  When I fly, I carry on my cameras/lenses and check flashes and grip gear in pelican cases.  I rent stands at my destination.
The navy fabric is a touch thinner than the other two colors, so for me, that rules out navy.  The tan will get some patina quicker, purely because it's lighter, but it can also be viewed as "dirty."  I think the otter green is the perfect in-between, so while it takes a bit longer to develop some patina, the patina is rarely viewed as dirty in the same way it can be with tan. No real right it just comes down to personal preference.
...khoa? If so, we're facebook buds.I'm mostly an architectural and food photographer nowadays, so mosy of the gear is brought into the job and sits off to side in a corner for most of tue day. One bag has three bodies with my three most common lenses, the other bag holds 13 hotshoe flashes, and the other bag holds my other lenses and other parts of my kit (triggers for larger flashes, etc). Clients often comment favorably about my Filson bags in a way that wouldn't happen...
Three of those I use for work (I'm a photographer), and the other is for travel.My obsession is full-blown:4 266s1 small duffle1 medium duffle1 large duffle1 medium travel bag1 XL outfitter bag2 non-zippered totes1 zippered tote1 tote w/ extra external pockets2 log carriers3 jackets1 travel tray...I'm sure I'm forgetting things
Their dress leathers are fantastic (my brown dress BHs might be my favorite of all of my boots), so I'd recommend going that route.  Few downsides, super tough, can take a shine if you like, and just looks great...whether pristine or beat up.
I'd recommend a saved search on Ebay.  I actually own four 266s (I use 3 of them for work and one as actual luggage), and I've gotten them at reasonable prices each time.
Yep...that's chromepak, and although it's thick, it's also quite stretchy.  I've got a pair of ring boots in the same leather and they're slowly stretching to comform to my feet. If you want to hasten the process, wear thicker socks for a day (or even just a few hours around the house).  It may be a touch uncomfortable, but it should speed up the stretching a bit by forcing it a little.
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