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Are those camp soles?  If so, I think I'd just ignore it and beat them up.
I appreciate it.  Facts are cool, and stuff. How do you like the heavy tin briefcase?  I pulled the trigger on one last night, and am excited to see how it compares to my regular otter twill bags.  (photos never hurt!)
 From what I gather, these are really darn nice.  Heavier fabric (34oz) than the standard version (22oz)--although the top flap is apparently thinner than the rest...not sure how it compares to the standard top flap--and looks extra waxed, so it'll be more water resistant and build a patina quicker. I just got a 10% off coupon for being a first time buyer (own a lot of filson, but apparently never bought anything directly from them off of their own site), and bought one....
I would also look at Black Smooth (also known as Black Oiled).  Thick and burly, but also looks really good.
White's over OSB all day.  Significantly fewer QC errors, better leather from what I've seen, much more customizable, and much more heavy duty, as well as having a nicer shape (subjective).  They're also made by a serious workboot company whereas OSBs were outsourced to a company (that has since gone out of business and likely being bought up by OSB/owners-of-OSB) that specialized in orthotics shoes.  There are a *ton* of posts about bad loose grain creasing on multiple...
There likely are, but I would check the Red Wing and Wolverine 1000 mile threads, as well as the sale alert threads. This thread is for boots from the Pacific Northwest (White's, Nick's, Viberg, Drew's, Dayton's, etc.), so a lot of members here won't have their fingers on the pulse of RW/Wolverine sales.
Yep, it'd be easy to take off, too.  It would help build a patina quickly, too.
Personally, I really like that the two pieces of the midsole are just a tad different.  Shoes that it's stacked leather rather than a piece of plastic. You could always go for "ox blood" and put some black polish on your water buffalo to decrease the contrast.  (The term "ox blood" refers to people putting black polish on their red doc martens)
I actually really like that super dark brown.  Makes it a lot more unique than just a standard dark brown. Interesting to see how smooth/shiny the water buffalo is.  For some reason I thought it was much more similar to bison.  Congrats!
holy shiny, batman!  Is that brown dress and black dress? I thought brown dress was suuuper dark, almost black...but maybe my memory is failing me again?
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