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Those damn guys on /r/goodyearwelt aren't any better. Time to cancel the internet.
Does anyone have any good images of Nick's cap toes?  I love a good cap toe, but White's' cap toes so often looked "off" in one way or another, so I was hesitant to order one through them.  I'd love to see how Nick's does theirs.
Better photos with 2 pairs of White's Bounty Hunters as reference.    
I know I posted this in the White's thread (which I'm sure most of you already read), but I figured I'd also post this album here, as there are some comparison photos at the end that show a new pair of White's BHs, an older pair with a good deal of wear, and a pair of Nick's.     9" White's Bounty Hunters in #8 CXL   My Dayton's should be here in the next couple weeks, so we'll start to round out the PacNW collection.  Thinking of pulling the trigger on another pair of...
Nope...those are single celastic as well, so I guess they've just flattened a bit with wear and abuse.
As promised, here's a full album of my new White's 9" BHs in #8 CXL.   link
I like the contrast that the leather laces provide.
That photo hurts my soul.
That's the Dark Olive Chromexcel that I got through Vermilyea Pelle, Here.  (mine were customized to be 6" and have a matching tongue).
Been wearing my Quoddys a lot this summer.  Natural CXL chukkas w/ rugged sole in brick have been my go-to camping shoe (even in shorts...GASP!) so they've seen mud, sand, dirt, rain, clay, beach, seaweed, and everything in between.  Getting nice and beat up in the woods and coast of Maine, just like they were meant to be.   Enjoying my brown CXL w/ gum sole (Need Supply) maliseets more and more lately.  I generally find brown CXL to be a boring (but often necessary)...
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