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Agreed!  Their horsehide is some damn fine stuff.
I can't imagine that would be an issue.  At worst, they may ask for a $20 upcharge from the GMTO fee, but that's it. I am seriously excited to see those.  Bummer about the chromepak delay, but as with most things like this, they'll definitely be worth the wait.
Apologies for my ignorance here, but is that okay to do via forum etiquette?  I very much understand that one should not feed the trolls, but does that not just clog the mods inbox?  Not sure if they'll actually do anything about it...and I just don't want to be a pain for the mods.  
Haha...oh, I meant you'd have to get the heels of *my* boots shaved down.  I know you love your cuban heels. I have no doubt Nick's will give you a cuban heel if that's what you're looking for.  I'd bet 95% of their boots are likely on Cubans.
Agreed.  While I love White's, I don't find their cap toes to be all that pleasing or standardized (some look good, others look really bad).  The photos that I've seen of Nick's' cap toes are really promising...so fingers are crossed! Hoping to get them before I leave for a couple weeks in Europe, as that leathe--more than just about any other leather I know of--really looks best with a lot of wear and tear.
25 year old boots that have only been worn twice aren't impressive.  Neither is bragging about an overpriced brush. Good to see that you're really taking the feedback on how to "play well with others" that you've received.  I'd block you, but then I wouldn't be able to correct your misinformation about stretching and appropriate amount of product to newcomers who don't know any better. Why is it that you'll listen to the owner of Huberd's like it's the gospel on using so...
  Damn.  Those are lovely.  Are they yours? If so, did you get yours lined? Edit: Nevermind.  Missed the photo with of the inside.  Love how great the wrinkles are even with the lining.
Good point.  Do you have any experience with that leather?  I'll have to take another look at my box o' samples.  I requested a sample of harvest roughout way back when...but as luck would have it, Harvest smooth will be on the other side! For now, though...I think a darker boot is my ticket.  
You'd have to get all my heels shaved down, though!  None of that feminine block heel garbage for you, right?  :D Wow...I didn't know you went for such a gnarly makeup on the Nick's.  Those will be amazing.
...or more feet.
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