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It's much closer to Allen Edmonds' Leather Lotion or Lexol's Leather Conditioner. In truth, I don't buy into the idea that it darkens the leather any less than Lexol or Leather Lotion (and I own all 3).
I imagine that bag is made by Vermilyea Pelle, which is a one man operation (a guy by the name of Dustin) in the PacNW.  He's incredibly talented and a genuinely good guy.  While his materials are simliar to Filson, canvas and leather is far from a unique combination, so he's well within his right to make bags with a similar aesthetic.  I've bought boots from Dustin (when he collaborated with Nick's Boots) and have a couple of his belts, but I have yet to own any of his...
You could probably do a Vibram Christy sole, but you'd then get significantly less of an arch, which--for me--is one of the main reasons I buy White's.
Ha!  I did, indeed...although mine were actually Smooth Distressed.  In truth, I don't think that the lining makes the break-in worse at all...and it *might* even make it a little better. The break-in for most of my BHs weren't bad at all, and the pair that I've that most trouble with has been the Distressed Roughout pair that I have, which is the only unlined pair that I own.  The real hotspot in those has been at the top of my foot where it meets the bottom of my shin,...
You know that you can get a roughout boot lined...right?
These look great!  Mind if I ask when you ordered yours?  I ordered a pair on Oct 4, and I'm curious to see what their turnover is nowadays.
I can tell it's getting cold out purely by the fact that my boot lust is increasing exponentially.  My next pair (6" BH in brown dress w/ lowered block heels and Vibram 430) has been on order for 3 weeks, and I'm hoping they'll arrive before my hiking trip in Portugal in November.  Fingers are crossed that they'll ship soon.  That will bring my total number of pairs of White's up to 5 (9" BH in brown dress, smooth distressed, distressed roughout, and #8 CXL, all with...
Agreed 100%.  I will have worn through 2 Quoddy crepe-wrap soles on the same pair this summer (currently having 3rd sole put on), but my White's--with which I've hiked a ton, worked a ton, and traveled a ton--are still going strong. I'll likely have to replace the heels before spring in 2 of my pairs, but that's it.  They really are the perfect sole for my needs: non-marking, long-lasting, comfortable, and give enough tread for hiking and nasty Maine winters.  I may get a...
My 430s hold up really well.  Like all heels, it's the first part of the sole to go, but the front half of the sole is rock solid on my pairs.
Those look great.  Relaxed, but not too collapsed so as to look ridiculous.
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