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Wait...you don't like Temple of Doom?!  Those are the only two that matter.
You already know my feelings on these...but holy hell do I love these. I cannot wait to get my pair (almost identical aside from a captoe).
I think you're overthinking it.  The last looks the same to me, and the only real difference that I see is the length of the heel, and that's VERY subtle, and may be due to right vs left. They're great looking shoes.  Enjoy them.
natural cxl has a lot more character and color variation than brown cxl, so I vastly prefer it.
This is why I like the Vibram 430 so much.  Has enough tread to be functional when not on pavement/flooring, yet doesn't look like a lugged boot at all.  Non-marking, and super hard wearing.   I have the commando half-sole on my Nick's because I like the look of the uninterrupted leather heel stack, but my next pair of Nick's (still on order) has a 430 half sole, being made for me by Dustin at Vermilyea Pelle.  Then I get all the advantages of the 430 while retaining the...
Yeah, but a pair of White's will last your whole life! (I kid, I kid...celebrating 10 years with my wife at the end of next month)
It's all subjective, but I went with Baker's brown, as I like a bit of contrast, but the natural finish would've been too extreme, imho.
I can't even find anything on the googles when I look up "dyo boot."  Are you pretty sure on the spelling (i.e. was it a phone call or email)?
I was told it's somewhere around 6-8 weeks now with the holidays coming up.  That was last week.
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