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Definitely the medium, imho.  I have both, but the small is just far too small for anything over a couple of days (I use mine as a gym bag), and the nice thing about a duffle is that they look best when half-filled, so that means the extra size is rarely a bad thing, as it just squishes down.   I have the old style medium (a bit bigger), and I have *never* had an issue carrying that on, even if the dimensions are larger than carryon.  In truth, I generally carryon the...
I don't have the 48 Hour, but I'd recommend just half-stuffing a medium duffle.  Imho, a half-full duffle is always the way to go, as it'll be as small as the stuff which it's holding, yet has space to grow in case you add/buy anything on your it just looks better than a fully stuffed bag.
In truth, one of my favorite part about this leather is the dark outside and the lighter core, and I really enjoy the contrast on the toes and heels.  The leather isn't overly dry, and there's no way to get the smooth outer layer I don't think the boots would benefit that much from a conditioning right now.
I'm happy to help.  Here are a few more for updates.  They didn't get as much wear this winter as they would most winters, as I spent a month in Japanut  (too often taking shoes on/off) and two months in India (too hot), but it should still show you the progress of this leather.      
I have two pairs of dress brown (one in 9" and the other in 6") and the 9" pair is lined while the 6" is not (I wanted to experiment a bit).  I notice more creasing in the unlined version, and to be honest, I feel no appreciable difference in breathability in lined vs unlined, so I'd recommend going lined. I can't help you on the leather sole because I've always gone with the Vibram 430 from White's.
Can you please roll in a Palace Diner Fried Chicken Friday Saturday with this?  If so, I'll just be there the whole day.
Definitely a bad batch.  I've traveled all over the world with my White's, and while I keep an extra lace in case of breakage, that's only happened to me once.  For it to happen 3 times is just crazy. As an aside, I recommend obenauf-ing laces.  They help to prevent them from drying out, but more importantly, the tackiness provided by the beeswax helps to keep them tied.
Have you thought about doing "honey soles," which are basically super soft gum soles?  I know Nick's offers that as an option, so I imagine White's may also offer it (or be able to do it, if you went through Baker's).
No personal experience (there's at least one person over on GYW with a pair, though), but I know that when I asked about getting a pair made up for myself, they told me that the arch-ease would be significantly less prominent with a christy sole, so my interest waned immediately.  
It's much closer to Allen Edmonds' Leather Lotion or Lexol's Leather Conditioner. In truth, I don't buy into the idea that it darkens the leather any less than Lexol or Leather Lotion (and I own all 3).
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