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Grahame Fowler
Yes. Lace up the boots nice and tight to help form the heel pocket and that should go away pretty quickly.
These are interesting.  I actually saw some Woolrich boots for women at @Portland Dry Goods last week that have wool midsoles.  Really unique, and I'll be interested to see how they wear.
The great thing about duffels is that they're only as big as the stuff that they're carrying.  As long as you don't fill it to the brim, you can mold it to fit just about any space (including the smallest of overhead compartments on the tiny regional jets that no other rollerbag can fit into). That said, if you're not comfortable with that route, you could take a small laptop bag as well as either the Pullman or Medium Travel Bag, and both would meet your needs quite well.
I emailed both Unionmade and Mr. Porter about their SNS Hernings offerings for this fall (mostly about Stark colors that they'll be carrying) and these were there replies:   Unionmade: " here are the colors we're going to have in stock (whenever they might make their way onto our webpage):   Black Blue Blue Static Mix (a blue melange, interspersed with another colored yarn) Black Lake Mix (a black melange, interspersed with another colored yarn) Silicium Noise...
Shit.  I didn't see that until now.  Might end up returning mine because of that. Edit: cancelled my order.  Not *that* big of a deal, but I want Filson to do what they do best.
I appreciate it.  I own a Teranishi Daytripper which looks a bit nicer than the Filson, so it being casual isn't a problem.  Sounds like I'm going to like it.
Are those camp soles?  If so, I think I'd just ignore it and beat them up.
I appreciate it.  Facts are cool, and stuff. How do you like the heavy tin briefcase?  I pulled the trigger on one last night, and am excited to see how it compares to my regular otter twill bags.  (photos never hurt!)
 From what I gather, these are really darn nice.  Heavier fabric (34oz) than the standard version (22oz)--although the top flap is apparently thinner than the rest...not sure how it compares to the standard top flap--and looks extra waxed, so it'll be more water resistant and build a patina quicker. I just got a 10% off coupon for being a first time buyer (own a lot of filson, but apparently never bought anything directly from them off of their own site), and bought one....
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