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It might seem that way, but I think that's just product photography. I own 4 Filson bags, some of which are from Filson directly, and the others are from Brooks Brothers...and all are exactly the same color (otter green).
 As far as I know/in my experience, the "olive green" is actually just otter green.  I have some pieces from BB and from elsewhere, and they're both the same green.
I'd recommend shoe goo. Been using it for decades, and it's still the best.
Tempest is pretty stiff, so not ideal for loafers.
Natural/honey RLH sole. The heel mixed with that soft rubber and great color make it the perfect loafer sole. Mich better than the aspen version, imho.
you first.
Waxed flesh all day long.
Exactly.  When I saw these, I more or less made my wife buy them.  She's a teeny thing (5'1" 110 lbs) so she can pull off things that are generally men's wear really well.  She has learned from me about the importance of good quality leather and craftsmanship, and given we live in Maine...buying OSB or Rancourt handsewns is a no-brainer, especially when they're half off.
1/2 size down, and Levis on Newbury St in Boston.
Humorous update:  I sent my wife this thread, as I knew she'd laugh that I am now discussing her shoes on here, and she has since sent me this as "brand proof."  
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