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I requested no logo on my Bounty Hunters, and they obliged.  I think the logo looks pretty gaudy, especially on a shorter boot where it would show more often.
Weird.  When you sort by price, it still shows $9.90 as the cheapest price for any of the men's airism stuff. 
 Looks like that's only for women's airism.
Yeah, I think 8.5 would be a better fit for you.  I'm a tad over a 9 on the brannock, and the 9D trench boots fit me correctly.
Free shipping and free returns.  Why not?  I've got an Urban Outfitters near by, so I don't hesitate at all when they've got good deals.  If I don't like it, no harm done.
Eastland Monroe boots (made by Rancourt) in what I believe is Loden CXL available at Urban Outfitters for $210 w/ discount code "RMNEXTRA40" through 4/23   Link.   Sizes 8, 9, 10, 12, and 13 are still in stock as of right now.
They are.  CXL is actually a pretty tough/resilient leather when it comes to the elements.  It can scratch/scuff/ding pretty easily, but it handles moisture well.
No idea there.   I would assume it's the same last, but keep in mind that shell doesn't really stretch, but CXL stretches quite a bit. All I can tell you is that I'm a 9 on the brannock (maybe just a touch over), and the 8.5D Rancourts beefroll in CXL fit me perfectly.
Size down a half size, but they're a touch slimmer than the last that Rancourt uses for their Ranger Mocs.  I take an 8.5 in both their Ranger Moc and Beefroll, but they beefroll is definitely more snug.  That said, that's a good thing, as you need a loafer to fit more snugly, as you don't have laces to compensate for stretching/heel slip.
 Here you go: 
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