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Thanks to the Riedel talk in here a while back. Came across a set of 4 minty glasses. Huge things.
My thrifty nature is making looking for a place to live in Santa Monica/West LA extremely frustrating lol
Ugh that feeling when a Attolini for LB cashmere blend jacket fits spot on except monkey arms but you don't wear blazers anymore... Had a mini thriftening. This jacket Isaia suit Isaia sport coat Brioni sport coat LP cashmere sweater RRL Henley A couple shirts Some ties Other stuff. Same store! I know... I know... Pics coming. Waiting for my car maintenance to be done.
Anyone need a sz 33 denim looking to trade for a sz 34?
Quick and dirty label porn for my lunch time pick ups this past week. Gitman Vintage L Nudies western shirt M RLBL cashmere Cardigan L RLBL shirt 17 Our Legacy L Rogue Territory so sad these are McConaughey sized 29 All avail.
@AlexJ1100 My condolences. I know it's hard as I recently went through a similar situation as did a lot of folks on the forums. 
I logged in and it worked. Thanks
Looking to checkout with the new code and I'm not finding any place to put the code during the checkout process. Am I missing something?
PSA My local J crew had Chup and Ananymous Ism socks for $7 out the door. I picked up the last 5 pairs they had (the grove) Not a bad deal.
+1 for Blue Bottle. My favorite.
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