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Happy Turkey day gentlemen. I appreciate you all.
Good Morning
True to size 32's I'd say. Gave the IH and Simon Miller's to my brother but still have the others.
I thrifted the 12" skillet a while ago before I knew the brand. Been a workhorse ever since and was really cool when I discovered what I actually had. Would definitely repurchase if anything happened to it.
Wife hot washed and dried all of my denim. Didn't ruin them but definitely shrunk them and now they all don't fit. JAFKJABFK.BA.KFBA.K   Included a few a Gustin's, Kapital's that I got from Spoo, IH's that I JUST bought and Simon Miller's that I got from GMMcL about 2+ years ago. Dang.   She feels terrible so I played it off like it was no big deal to her. Just going to chalk it off as a loss and start over.
That's winning right there.
Thanks for the shout out @razl 
Quick sale.    About 1.5in of cloth under hem so about 1inch to let out.   You know the quality here, Amazing color, weight and feel. Great for fall.   1.75in cuff.
Got my second wind and opened up a beer. Pants party. Zegna x Inco RLBL Zegna Couture Trofeo Epaulet Flannels. N/A
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