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I bought the canvas version new and can confirm it will last you a lifetime. 2+ years in and it hardly shows any wear.
This broke my heart. Have never seen a custom fit formal been had. Let alone a black watch. I'd buy it but priced way up. Bleh had all the fixings too.
A bit off topic but my research has been coming up short due to touristy journalism. As weird as it seems, I trust this forums judgement more than most things I've read online. Might have an opportunity to move to San Antonio for a career move. Anyone have any impressions of the city? Only thing coming up is the Alamo, river walk and the Spurs. Has anyone lived there or have honest insight? Feel free to PM. Obviously moving from LA to anywhere is going to be a bit...
Oh shit!
Looks like Taylor Stitch from here.
Ended up leaving the Gucci orphans but did take these home from my only stop. Ppu: $19.5 Sorry for thfor crappy photos. Night time with bad lighting. As always, everything avail. Quick and dirty group photo. New CBTL coffee maker thing. New Ingersoll Automatic watch Berlebach "Report 7023" tripod with manfrotto head. Etro Flannel suit. Sz 50 Reverse orphan Isaia pants. Close up of the watch. It's the Buffalo III model. They didn't want to sell it to me at first...
Would you cop 2 recent Zegna made Gucci striped orphans? $20 a piece. I'm struggling! 2 Button double vented, recent Zegna tag. Was able to pair this crazy Etro suit by the same donor.
Been MIA for a while so I'm sorry to my guy. Sending out yours today with priority! Came back to a bunch of online shopping packages and such so I opened mine and look at these goodies. Apolis and the best OCBD shirt I've ever seen by W&G. Killer Mallard cords, Zegna car coat and some Tiger sneakers. Decided to wear it all to the Farmers Market today. Don't mind my brothers warped floor. He broke his fish tank and destroyed it all.
Thanks bros. was on my break so I grabbed it but I can return for credit there. I had hope since there was a lot of NWT tag stuff coming out.
This guy was next to it.
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