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I think that is one of my favorite hauls for the entirety of both threads. It's got a a bit of everything. Nice work @eazye
NWT John Varvatos for Converse Leather High Tops sz 10 Wolverine 1000mile boots. Rust color. Some scratches on toe but overall great shape. 10D
My boy Rocko. He's chewed up all of my shell collection.
This guy was with it but I might pass at $50.
I know nothing of stereo equipment so when I saw this in a cart I tried to move it to look at the stuff under it. Weighed like 100 pounds so I looked it up... Holy crap lol
Stopped by the local spot right next to my morning coffee. They had a ton of NWT stuff but marked way up. Grabbed what slipped through. Pretty sure they are all part of the same donation. Pop for me. Blue Blue Japan? Sz 2 NWT All Saints 34 chinos Alexander Wang l/s shirt cool textures on it. Sz L Save Khaki n/a fits like a dream NWT Wings + Horns n/a NWT Billy Reid flannel sz M LVC Sanforized shirt with snap closure sz L
Thread first? Didn't recognize name but google foo says it's definitely a thing. Fabrice Tardieu sz 41
Forgot to post the mini t shirt haul + NWT Been had swim trunks. Might keep most since my size. Anyone hear of this brand? Made in Japan and has some interesting graphics so I assume a thing. @thriftvader maybe?
SF has been really wonky lately. Can't see PM's and I'm having a helluva time uploading anything. Going to give it another shot. From last week or so. Love these Chester Barrie Jackets but this one is surprisingly too slim.   [[SPOILER]]   Nice Hopsack Blazer. 41R Same donor since it's still too slim    [[SPOILER]]   Might keep this one. SuSu. 52EU   [[SPOILER]]  Thinking of keeping this one too lol. 1/4 lined and unstructured? Nice for the SoCal heat.   [[SPOILER]]...
Picked up while waiting for my coffee on a break from work. Just some label shots. Not a bad 5 mins.
New Posts  All Forums: