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How often do new campaigns happen? And is there a heads up of sorts of what it is? Read back the last few pages and it seems to be random.
I'll go back and take a look for you. There were a ton of smaller sizes. I just got stuff for personal use.
I had 3 friends order as well and they all got the same thing... I'm thinking that's all they were offering this round.
Tellason crapshoot gamble didn't pay off... Got the shitty poly blend cords lol. Damn
@Nataku That Navajo print Cardi doe
 So good! I'd ask for a proxy but...Japan and all. lol. Would be awesome to see a place like this in LA...
Might want to take a trip to your local Buffalo Exchange if you dig the West is Dead gear. I stocked up on 3 chinos, 7 t shirts a sweater and a pair of Selvedge Denim for $2 out the door after some J crew trade ins.
Had a few too many beers and decided to gamble on the Tellason bottoms. Wish me luck.
In for a black gingham
New Posts  All Forums: