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My father in law is a car enthusiast who has quite a few classic cars in his garage. A few months ago I mentioned needing to replace brake pads soon. He told me to come over and he'll show me how to do it. The dealer quoted me $200 per car... Ended up just buying the pads and installing them in 10 mins at his garage lol. I couldn't believe how easy it was and how much I saved! I wish I took pictures but it was pretty rewarding to do it myself too.
Been thinking about trading in my 13 Hyundai Elantra that I bought to use as a daily driver. I just can't stand how basic it is lol. I've always driven a sporty car. The suggestions you guys made have been awesome. I didn't know you can get that much car for that price range. Any tips on trading in? Sell the car private party or at the dealer?
That Essex is sex! Sorry I had to do it. I'm in.
Lunch stop plus a few VV ties I forgot in my car months ago. Group shot. Too lazy ft individual pics. PM if anything tickles your fancy. Save Khaki and Steven Alan unavailable. Other shirts are sz S. Same donor I imagine. Patrik Ervell, Epaulet, Gant by MB.
Went to a local spot with the wife to look for a replacement rug for the dogs. Wife picks these up and says, "These are nice" PPP! Sz 44 one size too small :/ Super minty too
These were cool too. All one stop for 10 mins. McNairys are n/a Stronghold in a very slim 36
It was pretty cool to see minty gear like this all come out at the same time lol. PRL by Corneliani suits x3 Navy, Gray Plaid, and Navy Chalkstripe all 44L Barbour International L Vivienne Westwood IV Pop!
Unless special patterns or fabrics. I pass on the pleated stuff.
Just came back from a very extended 2 month vacation with the wife. Sorry to all who I owe PMs and follow ups. I'll make up for it I promise. @nataku text/pm me next time you are in LA. Post Nataku finds. Thread first? Fear of God sweatshort thingy. My phone had died and took a chance on it since it had Riri zippers. Glad I did. Group shot of rest. Vintage Shirt. Couple of ties (Kiton, Drakes and Charles Hill tie) and my personal favorite PRL chambray shorts with a...
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