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If they were sz 34, they would already be mine.
You mean RubenR?   I don't do Patchwork lol
 A lot of higher end makers provide a extra loop in anticipation of you altering the waist. It's easily attached by a tailor once the alteration is done.
Lol   Welcome back Mainy   The thread needed a couple sick hauls to bring it back.
^^^ buttons remind me that I found a set of Ben Silver buttons for West Point. Pics soon
Can we confirm what time the Alden pre orders will go live? I have a few meetings in the AM that I shouldn't cancel but will for this.   Yes, my priorities are in the right place.
 I see you are enjoying the boots!  I really wish those were 1/2 size bigger, I would've kept them.
@Jompso left that Jil Sander (frayed cuffs) and that Strahan jacket. I don't have any luck unloading any celebrity MTM pieces.
Double leather on Aberdeen last with matching eyelets.
+100000 on Alt Wein boot. That would be amazing and unlike anything else out there.   Will the gitman ends be available on the keystone fit?
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