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In for the Navy Garands! Awesome price.
Yup. Anyone want a proxy I'll be happy to send it to you if it's still there.
Wish I could save it but at $40 it's too much for shits and giggles. Jacket had quite a few nibbles. Too bad, pants weren't bad.
So down.
That's good to hear, we have similar measurements. Not too short?
Just left The Waffle House. Waitress said I reminded her of her old pimp, then proceeded to reminisce about "simpler times". Overall 10/10 for experience lol.
What is THE thing to order at Waffle House for someone's who's never been?
Let me know when that happens Mauro, I'd love to rep some WvG for the contest and bring the brand to light to a lot of style aficionados here in the company.
Oh man this contest would be perfect as a group of coworkers plan to do exactly this. About 30 people signed up. I bought a pair of Kapitals to enter the contest but I'm tempted to switch to WvG to kill two birds with one stone... Too bad I'm not a rewards member. Good luck fellas, I'll be watching to see fading progress.
How often do new campaigns happen? And is there a heads up of sorts of what it is? Read back the last few pages and it seems to be random.
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