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Picked up while waiting for my coffee on a break from work. Just some label shots. Not a bad 5 mins.
My first savile row tailored piece. Full suit but pants are piss stained. Left it.
That's a crazy $$$ haul.
@Rewfio that Carrol & Co jacket is made by Chester Barrie. Left it since it had some odd marks/stains that were barely visible. Grabbed a few others from the same donor. I knew I forgot to hit the ties/scarf section!
Willing to trade my sz 33 Wilshires for a sz 34. Doesn't have to be Wilshire's though.
[[SPOILER]] I love Zion. Easily my favorite national park. 
Hey guys, might be in the market for a new car soon. Currently drive a 2013 hyundai elantra but it falls in neither the sporty or luxury category that I'm used to driving so I'm looking for an upgrade.   If you had 30k to spend what would you get?   I'm looking for a sedan.   Doesn't have to be brand new but I'm looking for something to keep long term.   Thanks in advance my thrifty bros!
so much win! Damnit now I have to go out and test my luck
Jacket is 2 button, double vented. pants are double pleated and cuffed.    Amazing construction. Great deep navy color with the understated plaid pattern gives it interest.    Tagged 50c   Measurements:   Shoulders: 18.75 Sleeves 24 Length 29.5 p2p 21.5   Waist 34.5 Length 29
Amazing details. Pick stitching everywhere. Double vented, the works.   No rips, stains, or odors. Perfect condition.   tagged US 48.   Measurements   Shoulders 20 Sleeves 26 p2p 24 Length 32
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