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@Fueco Did I do good? There were more but these stood out to me. They are stone cold mint. Mountain Hardware puffer jacket thing with hood. North Face Puffer jacket thing 3sixteen Cardigan. M. Avail. Gitman Vintage staple shirt. M. Avail. It makes me sad the cardigan/shirt don't fit me... I'm getting fat
Honestly I'm down for wherever. Beach/drinks/thrifts lets do this.
 I'm down.
 Don't skip leg day brah
In for the Navy Garands! Awesome price.
Yup. Anyone want a proxy I'll be happy to send it to you if it's still there.
Wish I could save it but at $40 it's too much for shits and giggles. Jacket had quite a few nibbles. Too bad, pants weren't bad.
So down.
That's good to hear, we have similar measurements. Not too short?
Just left The Waffle House. Waitress said I reminded her of her old pimp, then proceeded to reminisce about "simpler times". Overall 10/10 for experience lol.
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