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I've tried that mocha stout from trader joes. Not bad.
^ have you guys learned nothing? Need to bump Thrift shop or something similar to get those epic hauls.
Is Micron good?
Nice haul Spoo. I had a similar day today. Ton of current zegna in insane fabrics. Micron, cashmere and the likes. Awesome stuff. Ive had a similar type of haul once a year so far... hopefully the trend continues.
We're you the guy buying a drink behind me? Should've said what's up! I thought it was weird when you were staring at me lol.
Don't have funds to pick it all up so I just picked and chose what I thought was prime stuff. Cashmere and Silk blend suits and a few cashmere SCs
You are right... Looks like I'm camping here. They are a realistic selling size at 44L woohoo.
Unlike Magic Johnson... Dude has some crazy nice patterns... I dig this chocolate double breasted Lots of peak lapels They were all made in 2011-2013
How realistic is it to actually sell these? Found Reggie Millers entire wardrobe it seems. 15+ suits sport coats Etc. Lots of MTM but about 8-9 of these guys. Tagged 54L US obviously... Might actually pass on them...
I know it's Tommy Hilfiger but black watch suede elbow patches double vented, also their slim fit and NWT... Would've copped if it was a 40R instead of 42L
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