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Good day to snipe stuff. Already grabbed a few things for way less than it should be going.
good for self use. Hard to flip unless you're Spoo.
 It's best to keep everything else simple and limit it to 1 loud piece. It's important to feel comfortable/confident as you rock it. I felt it was easier by starting with smaller pieces..socks then shirt under sweater/jacket then pants etc.
West coast morning crue. Working this early Sunday morning should be a crime. Stupid annual reviews! I'll sneak away for a lunch thrift though.
Had a small rip to go along with the "drip" the more I inspected the more I didn't like but if anyone wants to deal with it I can proxy. They were asking $40.
That feeling when you reunite a super 170s Brioni orphan only to find the pants have a slight drip on them :/ Oh well. Catch and release.
Thanks to the Riedel talk in here a while back. Came across a set of 4 minty glasses. Huge things.
My thrifty nature is making looking for a place to live in Santa Monica/West LA extremely frustrating lol
Ugh that feeling when a Attolini for LB cashmere blend jacket fits spot on except monkey arms but you don't wear blazers anymore... Had a mini thriftening. This jacket Isaia suit Isaia sport coat Brioni sport coat LP cashmere sweater RRL Henley A couple shirts Some ties Other stuff. Same store! I know... I know... Pics coming. Waiting for my car maintenance to be done.
Anyone need a sz 33 denim looking to trade for a sz 34?
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