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Out of curiosity, what's the neck measurement on a BB5? BB provides rough measurements, but I'd be interested in the actual reality.
Posted before but Showed up today. Tried it on and fits like a gloooooove. So excited to wear dis.
17050.2 + 5 = 17055.2
At least in this case it's not the donator's fault.
Haaaate that. Had to leave a Paul Stuart, cashmere, cableknit sweater in my size recently for the same reason (thrift, not discount). I get that people want to save money, but honestly what's the one time difference between even just decent plastic hangars and those shitboxes that get used?
Not mine, but solid and ending soon
Yeah, I've got some Signature Gold suits. Perfectly nice, but if that's Z Zegna level (or at least same factory as Z Zegna) then holy god do you pay a lot for the Zegna labels.
I thought Signature Platinum, not Signature Gold?
16,815.3 + 6 = 16,821.3
Quick run after the dentist, snagged myself yet another PRL Hand Made in Italy tie (really can't resist those things) and a sweet yellow Paul Stuart cashmere cableknit sweater. I think it'll fit, so tenatively unavailable. There was an identical one (the cashmere tag wasn't there, but it was cashmere) in a tannish color, but just too much tearing to be worth it. All the worse as I'm pretty sure the damage came from the shit hangars the SA was using, not from the original...
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