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Shoot my size, didn't see in time. I'll keep an eye out (though not sure I really need, can't beat that price)EDITNevermind
I have one Church's tie, actually pretty nice quality. And love dat Ben Silver.
Snagged a small J Crew / Moon fabric vest for dat eBay moneez, and a nice plain LL Bean shirt for meself.
Yeah, Gardner is worth that money. Complaining about it is silly.
As I understood it it's not MADE by Zegna, it's just made in the same factory by the same guys.
I have a Signature Platinum suit from a user here, supposedly made in same factory as low-end Zegna.
17158.7 + 3.1 = 17161.8
Anywhoo, as an aside, I think country of origin generally matters because of (generally correct) assumptions which we make. Even if it's Asian people making the garments in Italy, not sure why that matters. The point isn't the race of the tailor, it's that labor is generally more expensive in first world nations so (as a general matter) companies aren't going to take on that additional cost unless they get something for it. For a few companies, the "Made in...
Broke down and bought some Allen Edmonds Park Avenues. More than I meant to spend, but hey.
17131 + 3.1 = 17,134.1
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