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17501.1 + 3.1 = 17504.2 Nice enough to run outside again!
Gonna call that Zegna fake.
^ Bought literally those exact shoes off eBay. Great stuff.
What the fuck just happened?
These just arrived: The burgundy clones of the black Park Avenues I bought last month. Finally have staple shoes in good condition that fit nicely. But between those two sets of Park Aves and a random set of suede Allen Edmonds that an SFer was nice enough to sell me a while back... I'm definitely AE heavy. These two pairs are toying with me, trying to become my next purchase. Any...
I can. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.
Yuuuuup. Hunt Club/Sean John and RLPL are the mix-up that hits me the most, but that's super common. Greg Norman/Paul & Shark pisses me off so much though (esp. since I tend to really like Paul & Shark stuff).
17486.5 + 3 = 17489.5
GF sent it to me this morning via text:
You can see the reserve? Or just guessing?
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