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Finally saw a Robert Talbott Carmel (not the "Carmel by the Sea" or "Carmel Valley" ties that get mislabeled on eBay all the time) tie. Left it as it was god-awful ugly (and not in that colorful RT way that sells well) and was $15, but could feel the quality.
Any size 16 out there want a blue french cuff shirt WITH A FREE RAG? (another Linda typo, this one because one of the R's is missing from the tag due to a tiny bit of damage).
Heyo! I've bought many a tie from you on Ask Andy!
From the 'Bay, essentially NIB. [[SPOILER]]
17784.8 + 3.1 = 17787.9
No pics, but some casual Cole Haans for me (decent shoes in my size are a rarity), springy J Crew tie, and a trad purple Barneys house label (Made in Italy)
17529.2 + 3.1 = 17532.3 And thus endeth my quest for basic, conservative shoes. Black (AE), burgundy (AE), and brown (Magnanni) cap-toes. Now I can just keep an eye out for good deals on more interesting things if they pop up, but no pressing need.
That Drakes is teh pretty
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