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All items are pre-owned, but are in extremely perfect condition. Shipping to CONUS only, add to listed price (depending on the method you want, your location). Happy to provide further measurements or pics upon request._______________________________________________________________________Zegna navy pinstripe (light blue pinstripes) suit (tagged 56L EU). Incredibly new and mint condition. Dual rear vented. Trofeo silk (51% silk, 49% wool). Absolute wardrobe staple material...
Have several of these, yup
Ooh, I like this. The big-to-small check range from jacket to shirt is quite nice, and I don't normally go for the louder jacket patterns like that.
Had to get out of the house (knew I had to clean the snow off my car so it wouldn't ice over, wanted to do something), so went to what thrifts were open on one run I hadn't done in a bit. Nothing major, my first Sulka bought though (passed on one at a different store on this run before, beautiful but way too damaged). Left to right is Sulka, PRL wool, PRL. The lighting is terrible in my room right now, so flash ruined the colors a bit. Sulka is tan/navy stripes (with...
Sorry for LQ today, interview. Jos. Banks Jos. Banks BB Makers Dull, but I
Never had TM Lewin shirts, but others in that kind of quality tier that I have blow BB away (at least mainline).
Today was another great day of finds, but again just barely not my size stuff. Boo, anyone wanna trade? Huh, huh?(all available)Canali Proposta overcoat (54L EU)2x John W. Nordstrom made w/ Loro Piana 100% cashmere (one 43L, one untagged)Pal Zileri (54 EU)Harvie & Hudson (14x32)... and some BB pants for me (unavailable) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] The Loro Pianas are so soft, wish they fit. And at least I can kinda wear the Canali (not over a suit but as a more casual but...
HAHA! It was an orphan but found the pants. Second suit reunited, firt bought
In store Q again, 3 button pal zileri? Vaguely afraid it's an orphan since tag lists a drop, but so nice (again just not quite my size)
Dunno which store this is. I hit one that I didn't love recently and found one Borrelli and Battistoni, but this sounds like a big load.
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