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Shiiiiiiii... Wish I'd found these.
Oooh, Holdfast, aggressive, but fun.
Dang AHS, super nice tie haul! That 2nd Kiton is especially nice, IMO, and a thrifted 7-fold Kiton? Yowza.My only find, Talbott BoCToday was a near-miss day, tho, sadly. Am currently following an eBay listing very similar to this navy, 2 button, Hickey Freeman bespoke with Loro Piana fabric suit. Store tagged it as a 52 jacket (though seems fatter around the middle, more 54 or even 56ish), but the real kicker was the pants. 50x28. Yowza. I'll trust tailoring for a lot of...
Grabbed a couple ties for myself (no photo, PRL and BB Makers). But had to leave a super sexy Hickey Freeman suit with Loro Piana 130s. Bawwww, stupid pinstripe orphan. Looked around, couldn't reunite (did reunite an almost matching Brookease pinstripe suit, heh).
Totally forgot MMFs, that's another great option (assuming this guy is floating so much in checking because he wants regular access).
FDIC insurance isn't the issue. It's the keeping of that money in such a stupidly low interest vehicle that's silly. Put 800k of that in some CD with short terms or low penalties and you can still earn way way more (before even considering anything like a mutual fund with, god forbid, risk).
Double post
Lewin White, blue, blue mini houndstooth, fine navy stripes, light pink check
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