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FDIC insurance isn't the issue. It's the keeping of that money in such a stupidly low interest vehicle that's silly. Put 800k of that in some CD with short terms or low penalties and you can still earn way way more (before even considering anything like a mutual fund with, god forbid, risk).
Double post
Lewin White, blue, blue mini houndstooth, fine navy stripes, light pink check
Came from a guy on Ask Andy. Super cheap, so *shrug*. And the tying was quite loose, so no real creasing. The LB was the only one I wasn't in love with the pattern on, but I couldn't pass on 4$ for an LB tie.
That TM Lewin tie I broke down and bought plus some random e-bought ties all arrived today. Couple that with my heavy tie thrift load from yesterday and my closet is busting. :O TM Lewin, Talbott BOC, J Press, Luciano Barbera, PRL, Aquascutum That Talbott BoC, oh man... It and the J Press are from HomerJ, enormous shoutouts to that man. Great prices, great shipping, like-new quality ties.
Incredible haul! Also, retconning my haul from yesterday, that BB Makers tie (which I wore to an interview today in fact) was NWT! Discovered it lodged under the blade when I put it on this morning. So my first actual NWT item and it's all mine.
Is anyone here a fan of the truly loud animal print? The VV style where it's so fine that it's practically just a geometric I can get on board with, but the other... Passed yesterday on a BB Makers tie of monkeys/gorillas lifting weights, very strange.
Today was a tie day (mostly)Shirt: turnbull & asser (16, old label) availableTies: (not available) Hermes, Zegna, BB makers, Burma Bibas, Tyrwhitt, DAKS, 2x no names that felt and looked nice (check em, lemme know if I was dumb) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] 98% sure the Hermes is real, my first found. Anyone know what this thing on the bottom of the daks is?
New Posts  All Forums: