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I have to say, I have an Am. Living black with white dots tie I grabbed for $8 in a JCP once and it really does feel/look/tie nicely. Almost grabbed a red w/ white dots tie at a thrift also, but had stains. Really is nice quality given what it is (cheap department store house brand)
Found a hildritch and key shirt, not worth photographing. Also got 2 ties I e thrifted, another dunhill and my first drakes
Because saying numbers isn't an argument. Your position is tantamount to pointing at whoever wins the batting title and saying "That person was the best offensive player in the league last year. I don't know how people can argue with actual statistics." Statistics are a tool that needs to be used, not an absolute gospel of all-seeing, all-knowing, automatic truth. You continually shove to the side the very basic point that guns are bought where regulations are lax and then...
The Civil War, mostly. Never heard Maryland called Southern really tho.
No idea, felt super cheap tho.
Well thanky!
Seemed fitting. Also had been wanting to post this funny one from a while back.ITALY (made in Spain)
By the way, to any discussion (I think it was in this thread) of the 'finest' dress shirts? My vote is with RLPL right now. That shirt is so disgustingly soft... Why can't it be my size?!
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