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The Civil War, mostly. Never heard Maryland called Southern really tho.
No idea, felt super cheap tho.
Well thanky!
Seemed fitting. Also had been wanting to post this funny one from a while back.ITALY (made in Spain)
By the way, to any discussion (I think it was in this thread) of the 'finest' dress shirts? My vote is with RLPL right now. That shirt is so disgustingly soft... Why can't it be my size?!
Very solid day today. Left 4 multistripe Zegnas at a Savers. Nice condition, but not my size and wasn't hopeful I could resell as they were funky. Also a HSM Gold suit, wished it was my size but no. FInally, left the most hilariously bad Hermes fake I've ever seen. Fabric felt so cheap, the 2nd Hermes tag (with what looks like a fake price) on the wrong side... Just silly. [[SPOILER]] Anyways, popped my Salvatore Ferragamo cherry... Right alongside buying my first pair of...
Oooh, marblehouse... Both the purple w/ diamonds and that minty green floral pattern.. So nice.
I dunno why, but this one really struck me. Love it!And crusty, you always find the most badass, vibrant paisleys that aren't over the top
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