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That tie is sex
Hrm, they had those little circles on the backside, but nothing visible written in them. Maybe nothing, or maybe the text was just worn down...I have no button experience.
Is there an easy way to tell gold buttons? I saw a Burberry jacket today with buttons very similar to those...
I like all these ties!
So pretty
Popped my Charvet shirt cherry today. Body of the shirt was like mint, but the cuffs and collar are blasted to hell. I'll see what they want to put a fresh collar and cuffs on, and I'll flip with the notice that that's what it is. Also, my e-thrifted Canali in my size arrived. It's olive (so not a wardrobe staple) and a 3-roll-2, but I finally have a nice, wearable suit in my size that isn't JOS.
Reminds me, I forgot to post...Was planning on buying my first home-built computer after law school. However, the video card on my desktop (now 3 years old) is dying. Was originally going to just buy the video card I'd eventually use and harvest it, but the power supply was too limited and my motherboard too old to support a proper modern card (so rather than throw away cash on a temporary fix, just advanced the purchase). Parts should arrive this week, buddy is building...
I have to say, I have an Am. Living black with white dots tie I grabbed for $8 in a JCP once and it really does feel/look/tie nicely. Almost grabbed a red w/ white dots tie at a thrift also, but had stains. Really is nice quality given what it is (cheap department store house brand)
Found a hildritch and key shirt, not worth photographing. Also got 2 ties I e thrifted, another dunhill and my first drakes
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