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The purple Marinella is purty, and while the Drakes is a quiet tie, $43 for cashmere Drakes is yowza!
Oof, I like dis.
Anyone know this maker? For me regardless (feels nice, my size, nice color), but I'd be interested to know before I remove the tags. Besides being qualitatively nice, couldn't resist NWT, Made in Italy, 100% Sea Island Cotton for $5. [[SPOILER]]
Thomas Pink graph check (my fave pattern) for myself and a funky Paul Fredrick 7-fold. Been wanting to try the cheap-brand 7-folds for a while.
That tie is sex
Hrm, they had those little circles on the backside, but nothing visible written in them. Maybe nothing, or maybe the text was just worn down...I have no button experience.
Is there an easy way to tell gold buttons? I saw a Burberry jacket today with buttons very similar to those...
I like all these ties!
So pretty
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