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Do you not understand how offensive it is to make jokes based upon a stereotype? The only difference between this and "You're eating fried chicken? Man, stop acting so black!" is it's still more acceptable to knock gays vs. blacks?
Where would you guys place Peter Millar ties, their multi-folds in particular?
Saw my first Golden Fleece out there, but it was an odd, heavy wool, ancient suit (2 buttons on the sleeve). Just left it, along with a Pal Zileri I toyed with buying but there was a big mothhole. Been a while since anything interesting.
With a so-so lineup to begin with, and now Johan's out? I think this Family Guy bit (which I always liked) is particularly relevant this year.
The purple Marinella is purty, and while the Drakes is a quiet tie, $43 for cashmere Drakes is yowza!
Oof, I like dis.
Anyone know this maker? For me regardless (feels nice, my size, nice color), but I'd be interested to know before I remove the tags. Besides being qualitatively nice, couldn't resist NWT, Made in Italy, 100% Sea Island Cotton for $5. [[SPOILER]]
Thomas Pink graph check (my fave pattern) for myself and a funky Paul Fredrick 7-fold. Been wanting to try the cheap-brand 7-folds for a while.
That tie is sex
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