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I hate you all. Or, more specifically, I love you all and my wallet hates you all.
And these?! I've found exactly two wearable pairs of shoes in my size at thrifts ever: some casual Cole Haans I wear right now and some beat-as-fuck Barrie Ltd. that lasted me just barely until I could afford to buy new shoes. Meanwhile these guys are finding staple gems left and right!
Yuuuup. If I had money, I'd likely be blowing it on these.
FYI, Drakes has done at least SOME private label stuff for Aquascutum, so I'd keep an eye out for the old MD on the tag (I have one).
Nice. I thrifted one Ledbury once that should've fit (by tag) but was wildly too small. Do they just fit super-small, or was it a dry-cleaning mishap?
They suggested something like that the last time it bugged out.
My purchase for the day yesterday (not actually a pic of mine, just the best photo of a 2013 Honda Fit Sport in black I could find)Farewell, my past sweet prince: [[SPOILER]] 1997 Accord that we bought in 2005 (so already 8 years old) and still going fine today (108k miles). Only issue is the AC just doesn't want to work (even after trying to patch a leak).
If anyone's a 12, super cheap (small, visible repair)
Grabbed a couple ties for myself. Sadly I'm left wondering what I missed. One store had a completely destroyed Charvet and a BBGF with a small stain (I grabbed that one, giving the dry cleaners a try). What might have been...
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