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Been a while since I've bought anything in-store, but today some ties: BB Makers, BB Makers (NWT), Altea, Tyrwhitt, Talbott BoC
(not my auction, but an e-thrifting Q) Rag and Bone made stuff for Target? Is their stuff usually Made in China, or is this some diffusion line. Worth the price? Not really my style, but wondering.
Yep, our library was doing the same (I saw them yesterday) and considering grabbing. Apparently they do a much better job looking for ANY edition worth ANYTHING tho.
Had a job interview in Bridgeport, figured I'd try a thrift store that was nearby as I'd never hit up the area. For a poor city, pretty decent haul. And beyond this, a guy (who very much explained to me that he was a flipper) found like 4 Canali suits right before I starting popping tags. I'd be angrier if they'd been 48s or 50s, rather than the 46s they were. Anyways: Left-to-right: NWT VV (not available, pretty sure I'm keeping), Armani Collezoni, T. Pink, Canali, TM...
Yeah, others have said it, but those are huge shoulders for that P2P (also quite long). I'm a 50, occasionally a 48, and 20 is about the smallest shoulder I can handle (usually more like 21, and take 33 length jackets (at the longest).
So nice, been wanting a high quality, solid and deep purple tie like this for a while now.Nothing too brag worthy for me, but first run in a while and I'm ok with what I grabbed. Left 3 Southwick suits, 1 had stains/damage around the crotch (not THOSE kinds of stains but still), 1 I don't remember why I didn't like but I didn't, and 1 grey herringbone that I really tried to convince myself fit me but it just didn't (and I've got too many larger items to flip already)....
Unfortunately, it's more like a U.S. size 48. Taglia 59, according to the tag.[/quote]I'll take it, depending on measurements...
My friend's wife uses it for women's shoes and loves it.
Deal, I'll drop it as soon as I thrift a recent, brand new, Kiton suit.
No, you are perfectly allowed to get upset by that word. But if you are allowed to get offended by an offensive and cutting word, then stop acting like it's stupid for other people to get offended by your stereotypically, derisive words. Evaluate people as the individuals they are. When you feel the need to stereotype you have to recognize others might get as offended by that stereotype as you are by that (absolutely) offensive word.
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