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No, you are perfectly allowed to get upset by that word. But if you are allowed to get offended by an offensive and cutting word, then stop acting like it's stupid for other people to get offended by your stereotypically, derisive words. Evaluate people as the individuals they are. When you feel the need to stereotype you have to recognize others might get as offended by that stereotype as you are by that (absolutely) offensive word.
I haven't insulted you once (other than, I guess, calling you a 'grown' woman, but nothing was meant by that). My point was it's an odd double standard that you are allowed to make broad, stereotype-based jokes and just go ITS JUST A JOKE HAHA DON'T GET YOUR PANTIES IN A BUNCH, but when it affects you you find it distasteful.Pick a side. Patrice O'Neal (who embraced offensive comedy at any level and was happy to accept knocks against himself) at least had internal...
Yup, but for that price I took the shot. And I was right, really not visible at all.
Is a grown woman who doesn't see what's offensive about making gay jokes.Tells everybody to go back to elementary school (and gets offended by the use of other terms that she finds offensive)
I reiterate. What made the post offensive was not a random word used, it was the repeated tone behind it (XYZ character trait makes you gay, hahaha). What makes this in any way different from saying XYZ character trait makes you black, other than the fact that homosexuals are a more allowable group to tease?
Haven't found anything in a store recently, but e-thrifted this Etro for nice and cheap (and it's quite wearable). http://www.ebay.com/itm/Beautiful-185-ETRO-Navy-Red-Light-Blue-Floral-Florette-Italian-Silk-Tie-/350751972014?pt=US_Mens_Ties&hash=item51aa725aae&ssPageName=RSS:B:SHOP:US:101
Do you not understand how offensive it is to make jokes based upon a stereotype? The only difference between this and "You're eating fried chicken? Man, stop acting so black!" is it's still more acceptable to knock gays vs. blacks?
Where would you guys place Peter Millar ties, their multi-folds in particular?
Saw my first Golden Fleece out there, but it was an odd, heavy wool, ancient suit (2 buttons on the sleeve). Just left it, along with a Pal Zileri I toyed with buying but there was a big mothhole. Been a while since anything interesting.
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