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Oh def fake, but the cashmere was nice and soft so if it had been reasonably price I might not have cared.
3x shirts for myself (Pink, Tyrwhitt, Ike Behar). In a rare twist for someone my size, left a Tyrwhitt that was too big (19 neck). It was their Superfine 180s (so actually pretty nice), but I have to think flipping something that outlier-sized would be hard.Also grabbed this Beretta shirt (16x34, tagged L, available). Super crispy minty, I really wish this fit but it just doesn't. [[SPOILER]] Along with that CT, left a super nice HSM Gold Trumpeter pinstripe orphan, no...
It was a bigger joke last night when the guy had typo'ed, and listed it at $5900
Baw. I'm not spending money on shirts, but damn do I wish I could find 8 RLPLs in my size.
Being in this price range I tend to agree the Lewin shirts just feel nicer than CT. And during their regular sales they're roughly equivalent in price. But I still get sucked in whenever CT does the shirts starting at $40 sale + free tie when you spend $40 sale. With shipping from the UK $50 for a shirt, brass collarstays, and a tie? Deal.
Wowsers. I had e-Thrifted my dad a couple Ben Silver ties, but today was something else. All one store, almost certainly one guy who LOVED Ben Silver, Paul Stuart, and J Press. Bought up all these (especially love the Silvers), left a couple Paul Stuarts (a couple animal geometrics I couldn't get behind and 1-2 more) and a few older super-trad J Press (I probably should've grabbed to flip but didn't). Jacket: Burberry (my size, NA) Shirts: J Press, Pal Zileri (both...
Very nice!
Anyone familiar with this maker? My size, comfy, soft, etc so I don't really care if they turn out to be nothing. Sold in Nordstrom's, so can't be totally awful. Also a random Canali shirt for the 'Bay.
I like this a lot
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