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^It's sexy whatever it is.Hit Marshall's since there's been chat about them a lot recently. Only had one of the Pantharella 3-packs in my Bigfoot sizes (and I don't really need a set of tan, purple, and purple socks). But I did snag one of those cashmere (ok, 70/30 cashmere/silk) HF's. Will look nice come winter. [[SPOILER]] And then I come home to my most recent e-thrift! Finally a proper brown tie I could actually see wearing (I've thrifted a few from nice makers, but...
I like this a lot. Just don't have the balls here to wear a suit that color.
Many near misses today. HF houndstooth in my size (just didn't dig the pattern and was slightly dingy), Canali and Piatelli orphans, several nice store brand shirts I would've grabbed if in my size (none were), and some horrifically ugly ties (Aquascutum, BR Made in italy, Valentino).
I actually like the tie, despite often not liking Hermes patterns.
Booo, used clothing >> child care.
To each his own, but I would not wear that watch.
Finally posting my mini-haul from this weekend: L-R: Etro (3x), Ben Silver, T. Pink (all available), Zegna (for me)
Have had entry point basics for a while, this were slight variants.
Love this, BTW
Dad took me to Saks Off 5th for a graduation gift. They were having a BOGO deal on their Black label (with Zegna cloth), grabbed 4 in total. Very pretty suits, though have to wait on finishing to actually wear em.
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