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Seriously, holy crap that all fits you well, Butler.
I rarely like DBs, but this looks awesome.
Does anyone know if this older T Pink is considered better or lower quality than the newer stuff? Passed on a pretty nice condition plain white shirt with that label because it had crazy outsized arms (the tag even noted it, I think it was 15x36 or something), but was my first time seeing that label IRL.
I'd give you a high five as a fellow thrifter / Dolphins fan / Summer-2013-bar-studying-victim, but that seems risky given this.
You should be able to post responses to bidder questions to the listing. You could get a friend with an eBay account to ask a question on the listing like "What are measurements XYZ?" and you post the response.
Spoo, is that the belt that was the subject of the lengthy "fused / single-piece" debate? Lookin' good.
I think you pull it off, Kai. Maybe a tie that stands out a bit more (the tannish color of it washes out a bit to me with the suit)?
New Posts  All Forums: