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Twas 9 bucks, and after a day of lugging (mostly) shirts I couldn't bring myself to grab something I'd never flipped before.
Haha, yeah. I feelz you on the bar, and holy god on the job searching.I spent today (and will spend tomorrow) moving back in with my parents, wooooo legal job market! On a run dropping stuff (emptying my childhood room closet to make room) at SA, ran in, snagged a couple like-new ginghams for myself, super pretty. Also a dirt cheap Harvie and Hudson plain white shirt just to flip (for $3 couldn't resist). Left an older but great quality purple gingham Gitman Bros. (the...
Might as well get in before Spoo blows us away. Just a couple staples for meself. PRL made by hand, BB Makers, Burma Bibas multifold (no idea if 7 or 5 or whatever). I know PRL is nothing fancy, but I'm happy. Looks/feels properly NWOT, nice bright colors. The oddest thing I left was a fugly Gucci tie... With a Tiecrafters keeper on the back. Pretty sure someone got it trimmed into a skinny tie.
The first Sulka I ever found was that way too. Found others subsequently, but it does suck.
Piling on, but love it
Yeah, I did a little research, seems about right. Half-canvassed, made some of the BB 1818 stuff (which is also Satisfactory). So I'll add it in.
What tier would you put Coppley in?
Forgot to mention, I left two identical 50R (my size, roughly) Burberry one-button tux jackets (no pants) for $20 a pop. Don't foresee a need for a tux (and I don't want to go building one), but can point you there if you are big and want it.
Recent Coppley and T. Pink tie [[SPOILER]] Coppley is my first (cherry popped) and (for now) unavailable. Love the pattern (been looking for that type of subtle windowpane for a while) and it either fits me like a glove or is just too tight around the belly (and I'm still shedding weight, slowly admittedly). If any 46's are in love though, get at me.That donor also dropped off plenty of other nice-ish stuff, but not worth picking up. Left behind a light grey J Press...
New Posts  All Forums: