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Spoo, you just crossed 10k eBay feedback, congrats!
I've seen people post these in the past but... Which Arny brand are you looking for? I've seen "Arny's" ties in the past (always ugly so never kopped) but today I saw a huge # of "Arnies" ties (also nice quality, most had blade damage but I snagged one). Is either desirable? Both? Neither? Purely academic, I'm happy with the one I grabbed.
Kai, Fred, Thin White Duke, archibald were among my faves, had to give it to Kai.
I believe the general wisdom is they fall in the "Ok for yourself, probably not for flipping" category. I see them occasionally, have never grabbed one.
Reasonable day. Normally don't bother with J Crew ties (reasonable quality but I have stupid amounts of ties at this point). But a lock stock staple, great condition, and I was just at the J Crew outlet yesterday laughing at their outlet + sale prices, so figured it was kismet. Shirt is available. [[SPOILER]]
Looks like Rubinacci
Fair warning tho, I've had a beautiful PZ Sartoriale coat in a normal size listed for MONTHS with no nibbles.
Boom, finally ran into someone from ze forums! Sorry to be so so shweaty. Anyhoo, I thought I had my feelers up and ready after those mothholes so I was looking for damage... But still some damage (including pretty freaking obvious collar wear on the BBGF dunno how I missed it). Ah well, still a good day. And super preppy (Barrie Ltd. shoes, J Press suit, 2x J Press ties, VV tie, clearly some Yalie just exploded).Shoes: Barrie Ltd. (my size! n/a)Shirt: BBGF...
Well couldn't get the image to upload, but I left her in the store. Felt like a sin leaving Oxxford but two moth holes (one pretty bi and right next to he lapel), not my size so I wasn't going to pay to fix it, and the closer I looked the seam along one lapel was starting to split too. Oh well, still have a few things to post later
In store, first Oxxford I've found, but two holes. Kop for $13? (Size 44)
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