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Kai, Fred, Thin White Duke, archibald were among my faves, had to give it to Kai.
I believe the general wisdom is they fall in the "Ok for yourself, probably not for flipping" category. I see them occasionally, have never grabbed one.
Reasonable day. Normally don't bother with J Crew ties (reasonable quality but I have stupid amounts of ties at this point). But a lock stock staple, great condition, and I was just at the J Crew outlet yesterday laughing at their outlet + sale prices, so figured it was kismet. Shirt is available. [[SPOILER]]
Looks like Rubinacci
Fair warning tho, I've had a beautiful PZ Sartoriale coat in a normal size listed for MONTHS with no nibbles.
Boom, finally ran into someone from ze forums! Sorry to be so so shweaty. Anyhoo, I thought I had my feelers up and ready after those mothholes so I was looking for damage... But still some damage (including pretty freaking obvious collar wear on the BBGF dunno how I missed it). Ah well, still a good day. And super preppy (Barrie Ltd. shoes, J Press suit, 2x J Press ties, VV tie, clearly some Yalie just exploded).Shoes: Barrie Ltd. (my size! n/a)Shirt: BBGF...
Well couldn't get the image to upload, but I left her in the store. Felt like a sin leaving Oxxford but two moth holes (one pretty bi and right next to he lapel), not my size so I wasn't going to pay to fix it, and the closer I looked the seam along one lapel was starting to split too. Oh well, still have a few things to post later
In store, first Oxxford I've found, but two holes. Kop for $13? (Size 44)
Hey, no judgment. I bought a pair of CK NWOT socks and they feel nice. That's just an item I'm careful about, heh.
This is basically me, although I usually skip womens/furniture/electronics.Suits (and to a lesser degree shirts) are the place I found the most time shaved as I got more experienced at this. Just running a hand over the shoulders of jackets you can rule out like 60-70% without a glance.
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