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Dem NWT VV pants are great!
Damn youse, so much things and in mah home state.
Ooh, definitely like this.
Sometimes I feel extra creepy when it's patently obvious I'm digging through one persons stuff at a thrift. Hit a SA an clearly someone 42ish in suits and 16/16.5 in shirts with trad tastes who didn't take care of their clothes (or someone already snagge the good stuff) died/gained weight/etc. left several j press ties with stains, old bbgf three piece with a big hole in the leg, some unidentified but nice feeling made in Italy SC, a HF cashmere blazer (shouldve grabbed to...
Spoo, you just crossed 10k eBay feedback, congrats!
I've seen people post these in the past but... Which Arny brand are you looking for? I've seen "Arny's" ties in the past (always ugly so never kopped) but today I saw a huge # of "Arnies" ties (also nice quality, most had blade damage but I snagged one). Is either desirable? Both? Neither? Purely academic, I'm happy with the one I grabbed.
Kai, Fred, Thin White Duke, archibald were among my faves, had to give it to Kai.
I believe the general wisdom is they fall in the "Ok for yourself, probably not for flipping" category. I see them occasionally, have never grabbed one.
Reasonable day. Normally don't bother with J Crew ties (reasonable quality but I have stupid amounts of ties at this point). But a lock stock staple, great condition, and I was just at the J Crew outlet yesterday laughing at their outlet + sale prices, so figured it was kismet. Shirt is available. [[SPOILER]]
Looks like Rubinacci
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