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Glad to know somebody got a job from our class/year. :/
People aren't being careful, just noticed my Coppley addition had disappeared. Excellent [*****] - Oxxford (Highest Quality) - Brioni - Cesare Attolini Napoli - Kiton - Luciano Barbera Sartoriale - Luigi Borrelli - Sartoria Castangia - St Andrew - La Vera Sartoria Napoletana - Zegna Couture/Tom Ford Very Good[****] (IE: Few suits match the quality of the ones in this category.) - D'Avenza - Isaia - Sartoria Partenopea - Oxxford (1220) - Belvest mainline - Borrelli...
Yeah, I know some tags but that's def a new one to add to the repertoire. Ah well, I felt it, knew it felt nice, but assumed it was some store brand Made in Italy (Saks, Barneys, Bergdorf's, whatever).
In CT? I left a similar looking coat a while back is why I'm asking.
Fun/silly tie for me, and a staple grail shirt (in a regular size) for the 'Bay. Only flaw is 1 missing button (easy to replace) and a tiny bit of fraying on the cuffs (really hard to photograph as it's slight). [[SPOILER]]
Heh, same store where I ran into one of you a month ago (damaged oxxford) there's a guy loudly discussing flipping on his phone. Knew a lot of names but sounded... I dunno not on point about it. Clothes were a similar sort to a month ago too. great BBGF SC in my size.... But big hole in the arm. 4 staple blue Paul Stuart's.... All with dmg and super small to boot. Coule more to go, wanna find something as its been a while
Dem NWT VV pants are great!
Damn youse, so much things and in mah home state.
Ooh, definitely like this.
Sometimes I feel extra creepy when it's patently obvious I'm digging through one persons stuff at a thrift. Hit a SA an clearly someone 42ish in suits and 16/16.5 in shirts with trad tastes who didn't take care of their clothes (or someone already snagge the good stuff) died/gained weight/etc. left several j press ties with stains, old bbgf three piece with a big hole in the leg, some unidentified but nice feeling made in Italy SC, a HF cashmere blazer (shouldve grabbed to...
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