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I recently moved from one location to another. I deleted the old address from my entire account, my registered/preferred/etc address are all where I live currently. But my items are still quoting shipping estimates based on my old address. Any idea how to fix that?
Wow, a 13 drop? Guy must've been a stick. Sadly pants won't work (either dimension) here. Honestly tho, I'm not a big 3-btn guy anyways, but beautiful finds!
Hey, I did the 5-shirt deal from TM Lewin too! Needed a round of white shirts so I snagged 4, plus a random stripe.
I'm also a 14
Personally I'd pass, but meh. That stain looks unpleasant and the jacket looks dated with those enormous lapels.
Mi pops is a big Ben Silver fan (in CT not SC), and he definitely needs quite a bit bigger than a 44.
Congrats man! At least I can enjoy the Dolphins witcha (gotta wait til the 4th to find out here).
Not really. And I'm aware of that strategy and did it, but there are basically 8 or so real biggish firms in the state and I interviewed with effectively all of them. Small firms aren't going to think about hiring before a concrete need and I really don't see how you differentiate amongst them in picking who to effectively cold call (and again I did this to no avail).Tl;dr - I appreciate the offer and will chat with anyone, but I think it's fair to say I've heard every...
I am. But we're well past the 'keep fighting' stage of things. We're talking a year+ of constant job searching, have applied to every single listed position (coupled with dozens of open apps, hopeful applications to places with no stuff no, interviews via contacts, etc) that I'm even arguably qualified for in the state be it government, judicial clerkship, firm, or corporation. And nothing. Waiting to hear following a callback for a position I'd actually like so that's...
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