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Damn. They drop prices dramatically, but what they have is rather limited for men so I don't make many trips there.
Shoot they do flip well, don't they? Left one a few weeks ago because it was horrendous. Was semi-worn too though, so I'll hang my hat on that.
Was this from the consignment store on the Post Road? I ask because they have/had an orange gingham Borrelli exactly like this, but in the $80+ range (so ok for self, but obviously I've passed for flipping).
Meeting a buddy for lunc, he's delayed so I stop at the Norwich goodwill (which I rarely frequent but have found a couple nice ties in before, a great Valentino and a slightly dmged lingwood), turns out to be an excellent quick trip Also grabbed a made in Italy merino wool polo for myself from some brand I don't recognize.
I am in CT. NH = New Haven in this case.
Reasonably freshly hung at the NH SA. I only know this because it was my 2nd swing through there in a relatively short time.
The aforementioned seer sucker and BB grenadine [[SPOILER]]
Snagged a literally brand new (as in store tags and extra buttons on the plastic tag, rear vent basted shut) J Crew searsuckery cotton blazer that fits great and a vintage Brooks Brothers grenadine in a goldish color. But more importantly, thrifted myself a pass on the CT bar exam, woot! And got a job offer on Friday, woot woot!
Yeah, did that, must be the listings thing.
I recently moved from one location to another. I deleted the old address from my entire account, my registered/preferred/etc address are all where I live currently. But my items are still quoting shipping estimates based on my old address. Any idea how to fix that?
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