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Yeah, did that, must be the listings thing.
I recently moved from one location to another. I deleted the old address from my entire account, my registered/preferred/etc address are all where I live currently. But my items are still quoting shipping estimates based on my old address. Any idea how to fix that?
Wow, a 13 drop? Guy must've been a stick. Sadly pants won't work (either dimension) here. Honestly tho, I'm not a big 3-btn guy anyways, but beautiful finds!
Hey, I did the 5-shirt deal from TM Lewin too! Needed a round of white shirts so I snagged 4, plus a random stripe.
I'm also a 14
Personally I'd pass, but meh. That stain looks unpleasant and the jacket looks dated with those enormous lapels.
Mi pops is a big Ben Silver fan (in CT not SC), and he definitely needs quite a bit bigger than a 44.
Congrats man! At least I can enjoy the Dolphins witcha (gotta wait til the 4th to find out here).
Not really. And I'm aware of that strategy and did it, but there are basically 8 or so real biggish firms in the state and I interviewed with effectively all of them. Small firms aren't going to think about hiring before a concrete need and I really don't see how you differentiate amongst them in picking who to effectively cold call (and again I did this to no avail).Tl;dr - I appreciate the offer and will chat with anyone, but I think it's fair to say I've heard every...
New Posts  All Forums: