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Semi-e-thrift brag http://www.ebay.com/itm/380647858398?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649 I know what I'm wearing come swearing-in day. Came today, quite nice.
Truth. I know it's small potatoes, but I found my first Sulka on a day after a state-shutting-down level snow storm.
Thanks! It was the last store of the day, but that was the one that really pushed me over the edge on being annoyed with the markups. That thing was 9.99 and was the weekly half-off color. Meanwhile even freaking Joseph Banks ties were 9.99, Ferragamo's 25 or 35, etc, etc.
Celebrated accepting my position with a trip down to the Stamford/Darien/etc thrift stores. Ya'll weren't kidding about them marking things up. One had literally no base-price suits (every single one was 'boutique' apparently), another was that way with shirts. Some beautiful stuff (although for the prices they sure were lazy about matching pants to jackets for suits), but took little for myself.Shirts: Ledbury (n/a), Luciano Barbera (available)Ties: Comme des Garcon Homme...
Shoot I missed this (I only saw the pull-up thread), I'll try to add my miles in!
Damn. They drop prices dramatically, but what they have is rather limited for men so I don't make many trips there.
Shoot they do flip well, don't they? Left one a few weeks ago because it was horrendous. Was semi-worn too though, so I'll hang my hat on that.
Was this from the consignment store on the Post Road? I ask because they have/had an orange gingham Borrelli exactly like this, but in the $80+ range (so ok for self, but obviously I've passed for flipping).
Meeting a buddy for lunc, he's delayed so I stop at the Norwich goodwill (which I rarely frequent but have found a couple nice ties in before, a great Valentino and a slightly dmged lingwood), turns out to be an excellent quick trip Also grabbed a made in Italy merino wool polo for myself from some brand I don't recognize.
I am in CT. NH = New Haven in this case.
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