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Solid little run. Very sadly had to leave a Martin Greenfield chalk stripe orphan in my size (and a "Gabbana" navy orphan). Scoured the pants for their mates, but no joy. Still a few finds for myself, few for the 'Bay.Suit: Southwick (available)Tie: Made in Italy PRL knit (available)Shirts: Paul Stuart x2 (check n/a, solid available)Cardigan: J Crew (tenatively n/a) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Does J Crew use smoked MoPs ever on something like a Made in China cardigan? I ask...
I can swing 14s depending on the maker, but that's as big as I go.
Victor, that's exactly exactly exactly the suit I want. 3 piece in exactly that shade of gray. I love-hate you. I generally don't care for the square end ties, but with the vest you don't notice really, and honestly it's just great overall.
Hex yea, and haven't had either weekend yet
How many watchers does a certain pair of boots have?
To be fair, I rarely watch BiN items (as what's the point, really). And if I do it's generally briefly while I think, so it won't stay long.
Phew. I was gunshy after everybody else liked those shoes last page, but yeah, need something darker and less matchy matchy.
First I'd say YIKES on the pattern. As to the label, no, I believe the 'good' Lanvin always has the lady in it, like: Although I'm not familiar with Lanvin Boutique, so maybe that was a separate line of notably better quality.
MF: Everything else is super pretty but those shoes are not for me! Stitch: Love dat tie
They really are stunning. I've got a burgundy herringbone that's definitely one of my faves.Neiman Marcus has them available on their website, a few for slightly cheaper than that ($445 and...
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