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Amazingly enough, too big for me.
Your tie. Give it to me now.
Had to run a quick/stupid errand in Hartford, so hit up a few of my law school thrifting haunts that I no longer get to as much. Grabed a simple Canali for myself (couple small stains I'm hoping I can remove, worth the $6 gamble for myself) and this classic Hickey Freeman Collection wool/cashmere blend (43, available): [[SPOILER]] Also, may have found an apartment today, so that's kewl. Crucially it has plenty of closet space.
Absolutely no idea who this seller is (certainly no connection) but one of our local small guys needs to buy this thing: http://www.ebay.com/itm/J-Crew-Yorkshire-Tweed-Peak-Lapel-Patchwork-Blazer-Tuxedo-Holiday-38S-/331049277360?pt=US_CSA_MC_Blazers_Sport_Coats&hash=item4d141317b0
I think it's the proportionality more than anything. Skinnier lapels can look better against a skinnier suit overall.
Solid little run. Very sadly had to leave a Martin Greenfield chalk stripe orphan in my size (and a "Gabbana" navy orphan). Scoured the pants for their mates, but no joy. Still a few finds for myself, few for the 'Bay.Suit: Southwick (available)Tie: Made in Italy PRL knit (available)Shirts: Paul Stuart x2 (check n/a, solid available)Cardigan: J Crew (tenatively n/a) [[SPOILER]] [[SPOILER]] Does J Crew use smoked MoPs ever on something like a Made in China cardigan? I ask...
I can swing 14s depending on the maker, but that's as big as I go.
Victor, that's exactly exactly exactly the suit I want. 3 piece in exactly that shade of gray. I love-hate you. I generally don't care for the square end ties, but with the vest you don't notice really, and honestly it's just great overall.
Hex yea, and haven't had either weekend yet
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