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Snagged a nice Zegna and a no name pink/purple houndstooth I liked.
Sweet, I have a pair up currently. Already have a couple people poking around to BiN.
Found one of these a while back, in light blue (also fit me). Definitely nice stuff, although the level to which they say LOOK AT US WE USE SEA ISLAND COTTON on their website makes me feel like they aren't super high end.
Self-thrift success! This beauty from a year ago:Now fits me thanks to my weight loss efforts. Thank God it didn't sell... I guess.
Amazingly enough, too big for me.
Your tie. Give it to me now.
Had to run a quick/stupid errand in Hartford, so hit up a few of my law school thrifting haunts that I no longer get to as much. Grabed a simple Canali for myself (couple small stains I'm hoping I can remove, worth the $6 gamble for myself) and this classic Hickey Freeman Collection wool/cashmere blend (43, available): [[SPOILER]] Also, may have found an apartment today, so that's kewl. Crucially it has plenty of closet space.
Absolutely no idea who this seller is (certainly no connection) but one of our local small guys needs to buy this thing:
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