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Yeah, that double rise and the swoop at the end looks almost identical to the Stadler.
DonC: Love it! Odd vests are a funny one, but I like it here.
I know it's an internet house, but does anyone have experience with Combatant Gentlemen so we can go ahead and add them under the worst category? I think because I'm browsing clothing websites their ads are constantly popping up on my Facebook. Despite their heavy reminding about the 'super 140s' fabric, I can't imagine how terrible a suit must be that they list for that price.
Forgot to add my shakeout run the other day. 11,430.3 + 2.2 = 11,432.5 EDIT - Also my first contribution here Onetwobit. And damn, jbar. Run NY today?
Once said issues start getting litigated can we start an "Official Thrift / Discount Store Legal Issues thrift fits thread - COURTROOM EDITION"?
First finds of the new apartment. Went on a run after grabbing some stuff from the UHaul
This, only maybe really really really skinny that's closer to a 48?
There's one in Hamden here in CT, but it's like 90% furniture/kids toys/books, and what clothes there are are about 95% women's and casual clothes.
Yeah, this is basically exactly the price scale here (tho 3 for ties). And I hate the places that are like 50+% individually priced items.
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