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Once said issues start getting litigated can we start an "Official Thrift / Discount Store Legal Issues thrift fits thread - COURTROOM EDITION"?
First finds of the new apartment. Went on a run after grabbing some stuff from the UHaul
This, only maybe really really really skinny that's closer to a 48?
There's one in Hamden here in CT, but it's like 90% furniture/kids toys/books, and what clothes there are are about 95% women's and casual clothes.
Yeah, this is basically exactly the price scale here (tho 3 for ties). And I hate the places that are like 50+% individually priced items.
Snagged a nice Zegna and a no name pink/purple houndstooth I liked.
Sweet, I have a pair up currently. Already have a couple people poking around to BiN.
Found one of these a while back, in light blue (also fit me). Definitely nice stuff, although the level to which they say LOOK AT US WE USE SEA ISLAND COTTON on their website makes me feel like they aren't super high end.
Self-thrift success! This beauty from a year ago:Now fits me thanks to my weight loss efforts. Thank God it didn't sell... I guess.
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