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My discount 'store' purchase, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820248016 240 GB SATA III 6 GB internal SSD for $130? Sign me up.
Stitches, do you launder your shirts or just buy new ones each time? Beautiful as always.
11,745.8 +1 = 11,746.8
Heh, thanks. The dark navy Zegna is great, and was the $1.50 color as opposed to it's marked up color (I did see the small stain, but I think it's workable)Thank god for the sale, tho, that store marks up the crap outta their ties.
Wowsers green machine.
Welp, I'll get lost in the post-Andro shuffle (awesome haul, BTW), but my meager finds. Burned some time in a GW yesterday, got the itch, so went out today. [[SPOILER]] Minty fresh pink striped Gitman Bros (16 neck, so available), 2x recent Zegna, old Dunhill
I generally find better stuff and GW and find it to be a nicer experience, but they also have way more boutique pricing than I've seen at SA.
Jeeeeeesus, Le Sacre. What has been in the water the past few days? I have found a Paul Stuart similar to that Drakes so... I got that going for me.
!! Congrats!
+another 1. Did exactly the same thing. It's a nice tie and knots well, but not a gren.
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