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Welp, I'll get lost in the post-Andro shuffle (awesome haul, BTW), but my meager finds. Burned some time in a GW yesterday, got the itch, so went out today. [[SPOILER]] Minty fresh pink striped Gitman Bros (16 neck, so available), 2x recent Zegna, old Dunhill
I generally find better stuff and GW and find it to be a nicer experience, but they also have way more boutique pricing than I've seen at SA.
Jeeeeeesus, Le Sacre. What has been in the water the past few days? I have found a Paul Stuart similar to that Drakes so... I got that going for me.
!! Congrats!
+another 1. Did exactly the same thing. It's a nice tie and knots well, but not a gren.
Dang, quite the haul!
11653.4 + 2.2 = 11655.6
^^ HC: Super pretty tie!
Are you done?
You're right, what kind of forum seeks out new members. The healthy approach is outsiders be damned.It was literally directly, freshly, off the hangar from the tailor's. So i guess nothing will fit properly.
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