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Dang, quite the haul!
11653.4 + 2.2 = 11655.6
^^ HC: Super pretty tie!
Are you done?
You're right, what kind of forum seeks out new members. The healthy approach is outsiders be damned.It was literally directly, freshly, off the hangar from the tailor's. So i guess nothing will fit properly.
I'd forgotten why I stopped posting in this thread. Thanks for reminding me.
Ok. Part of it is the buttons were being a bitch so that's with the bottom button buttoned. Got it working later, but not evidenced in that photo. Also I'm never gonna wear the seemingly painted-on tight jackets that get some love.
[[SPOILER]] Terrible photos but whatever, about the setting (CT Supreme Court). I is a lawyer today.Suit: Saks Black Label w Zegna clothShirt: Thomas PinkTie: Drakes for Ben SilverCuff links: no-name state seals off eBay (surprisingly nice)Socks: PantharellaShoes: Barrie Ltd.
I would strongly suggest adding themeerkat to your banlist. I made some mistakes along the way (I was mass-shipping and accidentally printed a label for it before he paid) but Holy Christ. He didn't reply to multiple invoices, or multiple messages. I opened a Second Chance Offer and he finally, slowly starts replying (not really moving the process along at all) but continues to not pay. He only finally just paid after the Second Chance buyer already paid and I shipped,...
Exactly. Just we're talking about 'warning' people and it's been popping up in my feed a lot (so worth getting in front of, IMO)
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